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Conversation Between mangatron and Terrestrial Dream
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  1. Terrestrial Dream
    2015-08-10 02:11
    Terrestrial Dream
    Join us, come to us.
  2. Terrestrial Dream
    2015-04-14 12:21
    Terrestrial Dream
    Hey Tron, we got lolis in our chat, join us.
  3. Terrestrial Dream
    2015-02-20 10:12
    Terrestrial Dream
    Pretty sure you will like this.

    Warning: Not safe to view at work or school!
    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
  4. mangatron
    2015-02-11 06:52
    Oh man, uncensored Bluray should be tasty
  5. Terrestrial Dream
    2015-02-08 07:03
    Terrestrial Dream
    Damn, that scene with Hilda and Ange, sooooo hot.
  6. mangatron
    2015-01-28 09:15
    It's great stuff I love the way the fanservice just flows, like it just happens, and not blatant like the way harem anime does fanservice
  7. Terrestrial Dream
    2015-01-26 09:48
    Terrestrial Dream
    Damn, the fanservice in new Cross Ange was epic.
  8. mangatron
    2015-01-20 09:17
    Yeah! She was there right at the end of the 1st season. I can't believe I didn't remember that until the 5th episode of Try Fighters
  9. Terrestrial Dream
    2015-01-18 08:37
    Terrestrial Dream
    Was watching build fighter and loli Gyanko

    Quite impressive how she grew.
  10. mangatron
    2015-01-01 09:54
    Happy new year! Winter 2015 anime is looking bouncy good, I can't wait for it to start

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