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Conversation Between mangatron and Kanon
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  1. Kanon
    2013-10-22 09:56
    Thanks. It's the thought that counts. She can make up for it by letting me motorboard those boobi- *gets slapped across the room*
  2. mangatron
    2013-10-22 05:21
    Hey, happy birthday. Unfortunately, I don't have a cake

    See, I commissioned Sakura Ichiko to make a cake for you, but alas, two
    goddesses were battling inside her apartment,

    and her cake exploded. So no cake

    Happy Birthday
  3. mangatron
    2013-10-06 02:49
    Wow you're right, I like it and it's one heck of a bouncey show, I have to say I haven't seen this much in one episode, in a long time or at all
  4. Kanon
    2013-10-04 16:28
    Tron, you should watch Yuushibu if you have the time. I guarantee you will like it. I haven't so much bouncing boobies in a show in a while.
  5. mangatron
    2013-09-12 22:16
    I really wanted to add that part when all 5 girls were fondling her, but alas the size limit
  6. Kanon
    2013-09-12 09:52
    I knew that scene would end up in your sig
  7. mangatron
    2013-06-05 11:23
    The truth! I can handle that truth
  8. Kanon
    2013-06-05 11:19
    Rias' boobs are not just any boobs!
  9. mangatron
    2013-06-05 06:41
    lol..... they were familiar? It could have been any girl! Heck, it could have been a hentai anime, and yet they looked familiar....

    Your ero powers are growing
  10. Kanon
    2013-06-04 10:15
    Ok, where is that sig from? This looks... interesting.

    Edit: nevermind, I just watched it. Figured those boobs were familiar

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