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Conversation Between mangatron and Om Nerabdator
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  1. mangatron
    2014-08-14 00:16
    It's from the 19th episode of Captain Earth, though I have to say that show rarely has fanservice scenes like that so keep that in mind
  2. Om Nerabdator
    2014-08-13 13:51
    Om Nerabdator
    whats ur sig from?
  3. Om Nerabdator
    2013-09-23 04:39
    Om Nerabdator
    dammit not that loli show again!
    Gotta wait for BDs
  4. mangatron
    2013-09-22 22:08
    It's from episode 09 of Ro-Kyu-Bu SS
  5. Om Nerabdator
    2013-09-22 13:43
    Om Nerabdator
    Mate you done it again!!
    You forced me to ask what anime is your sig from!!! definitely getting that
  6. mangatron
    2013-08-15 07:54
    Yeah, I suggest waiting for the BDs, that episode can be watched by itself as it doesn't tie heavily into the story, and the girl in my sig is definitely legal
  7. Om Nerabdator
    2013-08-15 07:45
    Om Nerabdator
    thats that loli show isnt it....not my cup of tea, but maybe when the BDs come out ^^
  8. mangatron
    2013-08-15 07:16
    It's from the 6th episode of Ro-Kyu-Bu! Season 2 I must warn that that was the only salvageable scene, as some of it got censored
  9. Om Nerabdator
    2013-08-15 07:06
    Om Nerabdator
    i gotta ask whats ur sig from? that bounce
  10. mangatron
    2012-08-11 04:46
    It's from Blu Ray OVA/Special #5 of the Amagami SS+ series

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