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Conversation Between Symphie and SilverSyko
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  1. SilverSyko
    2010-01-17 14:59
    Hn they sound incredibly different. Heck they're completely different tones. I wonder why it reminded you of this song. xD

    I read on DA you wanted MSN addresses? You can PM me yours if you like or add mine. I don't mind. ^^
  2. Symphie
    2010-01-17 06:40
    Yes~ But... it really doesn't sound like it... xDD but it just keeps remind me for some strange reason.

    Yeah, totally not alike..... .....
  3. SilverSyko
    2010-01-17 06:03
    You're not lame for thinking that way. You're too hard on yourself. D=>

    Oh jeez, sugar buzzes. xD; You're gonna be one exhausted person in the future with your sleep habits. D=

    By P4 I assume you mean Persona 4? Does it seriously have music similar to that? Wouldn't mind giving it a listen if I knew what the song was called. =p
  4. Symphie
    2010-01-17 05:22
    Yup, that's how i think lol -lame-

    This happens when i drink lots of cola... xDDD -shot- and then after some hours i get really tired but i can't go and sleep because i end up changing my sleeping schedule = then i'll totally be dead at school tomorrow. :X

    Woah, that one reminds me of a dungeon in P4.. o_o even though they don't sound like each other it just gives me the feeling c:
  5. SilverSyko
    2010-01-17 05:03
    Heh heh, really? So I take it that you consider a "song" to have vocals correct?

    And you really shouldn't deprive yourself of sleep, it's not healthy. D=

    Anywho, this time I'll give you a "song" instead of a "melody" that is BGM titled "The Supernatural":

    Spoiler for I swear this is the last one. I'm not expecting you to enjoy this one but just hear it out for a bit...:
  6. Symphie
    2010-01-17 04:45
    Nuh-uh, sorry. D: Its just me who calls them melody instead of song -weird- 8|

    That one sounds great too ^^ Too bad i'm about to fall asleep on my keyboard (haven't slept this night)
  7. SilverSyko
    2010-01-17 00:30
    Why'd you put song in quotes? Do you not consider it one or something? o.o

    Anywho since ya liked the last one I have a feeling this one'll be to your liking too. It's more recent and longer than the last one and personally, I find it epicer:

    Spoiler for Feel free to listen again if you wish. My apologies if I'm getting annoying.:
  8. Symphie
    2010-01-16 23:37
    I agree. C:

    Ah, some parts in the ''song'' is actually catchy 8D
  9. SilverSyko
    2010-01-16 22:16
    Heh heh, yeah she's considered J-pop. (Pretty much every Japanese song is.) Only songs I've listened to of hers is Katayoku no Tori and the Umi VN's theme, but they are very awesome. Choirs/opera tend to make songs very religous in tone I'd say.

    I pretty much like anything as long as it sounds good to me. Japanese and Western both have their ups and downs in terms of music. I usually listen to game BGM though. For example:

    Spoiler for Feel free to listen if you want. I tried to pick one you might like too.:
  10. Symphie
    2010-01-16 21:24
    J-Pop i guess... but there's one another genre i love the most but i don't even know what kind of genre it is... its the genre ''Akiko Shikata'' sings (she's my favorite artist ). I just love songs with opera stuff.

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