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Conversation Between Rajura and LMF
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  1. Rajura
    2010-09-10 19:15
    Rooting? Of course... will be doing more here now that I have a new power supply for my computer (my other burned up, so it took me a couple of days to get a new one).

    Will post my teams later.
  2. LMF
    2010-09-07 18:57
    Any rooting?
  3. Rajura
    2010-09-07 11:46
    Yeah I am... just haven't had a chance to get on here and really get to talking about it... had to work through the games last night too! *Ack*
  4. LMF
    2010-09-07 01:20
    Aren't you into college football?
  5. Rajura
    2010-09-04 04:57
    I'll tell you this now, I ain't sharing... you'll have to find yourself your own Holo! Hahahaha!
  6. LMF
    2010-09-04 00:41
    Haha! Thanks for telling me. Maybe I should try Holoism.
  7. Rajura
    2010-09-03 18:51
    It's basic premise... at least to me... is that Holo is beyond a shadow of a doubt the most perfect little demi-goddess around. She is absolutely wonderful, and deserves to be praised for being the most wonderful little waihu(fu) ever!

    Besides, as an added bonues, my gf and Holo, who are both absolutely gorgeous, bear a strong resemblance to each other. Of course, my girl lacks Holo's beautiful ears and tail, but no one in real life is perfect... are they?

    That is Holoism distilled (maybe even over-simplified) to its bare essence.
  8. LMF
    2010-09-03 18:03
    I'm curious. What's "holoism?"

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