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Conversation Between mrizvi and Evil Rick
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  1. Evil Rick
    2010-03-05 21:17
    Evil Rick
    Well, you can choose anything you want, like the last month were wings, you can choose anything since a draw can be done out of anything... that or leave the theme to popular choise and let the memmbers choose a theme.
  2. mrizvi
    2010-03-05 21:02
    hey thanks!
    I'm sorry yes I take long because of loads of homework and other stuff....theme I'm not sure whatever people want to draw I guess :3
    heh I'm sorry not much of help here.
  3. Evil Rick
    2010-03-04 21:48
    Evil Rick
    Mrizvi, congrats for winning the Artists Alike and from Afar contest, as reward, you're now allowed to choose the theme for the next month contest, take your time to think but just don't delay too much since time is mots valued in this contest.
  4. mrizvi
    2010-02-23 02:54
    hey thanks for the reminder!
    I did do the voting stuff. Sorry I was late >.<
    I just have alot of school hours to put up with
  5. Evil Rick
    2010-02-22 13:20
    Evil Rick
    Hello there, just visiting you to remind you that we're on the last day of voting phase 1 at the Artists Alike and from Afar Contest, don't forget to pass and give your votes.
  6. mrizvi
    2010-02-17 18:59
    Oh I understand!
    Thanks for doing that!
    I'll go submit it now.
    And thanks your for your nice comments very much appreciated!
  7. Evil Rick
    2010-02-17 18:15
    Evil Rick
    Thanks and sorry for the troubles, it was just a mere precaution, in the past some people posted works who were not actually from them and since this one looks really good and made by a pro I needed to be sure

    Your entry is aseptable (and damn good)
  8. mrizvi
    2010-02-17 17:43
    'kay I did >_<
  9. Evil Rick
    2010-02-17 17:34
    Evil Rick
    Please, check your deviantart acount, I just left you a message in your profile.

    Also, answer the message there please.
  10. mrizvi
    2010-02-17 16:13
    Hey I was wondering if I can submit this to the contest of Artist alike and afar!
    Since you said explicit nude!
    This one is partial and from the back! let me know 'kay
    heres the link

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