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Conversation Between Cherry_Lover and Altima of the Gates
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  1. Cherry_Lover
    2012-12-20 13:23
    Also, I only need to send you PMs over AnimeSuki because you won't talk to me any other way. That is your fault, not mine. Don't fucking complain that you miss stuff when the only reason I'm doing this in the first damn place is because of the choices you have made.
  2. Cherry_Lover
    2012-12-20 13:20
    And, frankly, this about sums you up.

    Rather than actually deal with the criticisms I have of you or the points I make, all you can do is lecture me, when you know damn well that I have no desire to listen to any more of your lectures.

    You have no interest in what I have to say whatsoever, and you couldn't give a crap about me either. If you did, you'd be trying to actually truly help me out here rather than treating me like crap and giving me utterly pointless lectures.

    If you want to talk, I will talk, but I am not going to sit here and listen to you tell me how you think I should be acting. Not after what you have done.
  3. Cherry_Lover
    2012-12-20 13:17
    You definitely did receive the PM, I saw you had been online. Perhaps you didn't read it, but you certainly must have known it was there. And, you still have not replied to it or even seemingly read it (and regardless of whether you knew about it before, you very definitely do now), so....

    Also, I have written stuff before, and posted it. Hell, the original reason I even came on BL was in order to get feedback on my story (and, I don't recall you being overly helpful at the time...). True, it has not gone anywhere for a long time, but nor has yours.

    And, frankly, I am sick of you lecturing me on how I live my life, especially when I am doing it because of your decision. I wouldn't need to be sockpuppeting BL or "messing around" with my own forum if you hadn't fucking banned me from BL in the first damn place. Obviously, I need to find a job, but I also need to have a social life etc.

    After what you did to me you have absolutely no right to lecture me on how I go about that. You have made things far more difficult for me, and forced me to take the path I am now taking. Do not try to lecture me on it when it is your damn fault in the first place.
  4. Cherry_Lover
    2012-12-10 19:23
    Also, really, you moaning about me not finishing that story for Elf is pretty damn hypocritical, given that your story hasn't been touched for about six months.

    The irony is that the reason I've not got that done already (or, at least, made some level of progress on it) is you. If you hadn't forced poor Elf to write that damn ultimatum and posted it at the beginning of the very week in which I intended to work on her fic (due to no-one else being around), I would have at very least got something to her, but that ultimatum meant I was not at all in the mood to write it.

    Further, I wasn't really in the mood to do it for the following month either, thanks to you, and the way you were acting. And, of course, you've permanently scuppered any chance of me replying to the dare, formally at least (I still do intend to write the story for her, once I've got somewhere to actually post it, because Elf is the one person who has actually been genuinely helpful and nice throughout all this, but I obviously have absolutely no intention of it being posted on BL) by your subsequent actions, which were totally unnecessary and unjust.
  5. Cherry_Lover
    2012-12-10 18:30
    Ah, yes, what a shock, you just ignore me.

    Typical, really, I have nothing you want any more, so you just act like I don't exist. You claim you care about me, but it's pretty damn clear that you don't and I see little evidence that you ever have.

    All you want is to impose your own beliefs on everyone else. You thought "ah, here's someone who I can turn into an Altima clone", and when it turned out that, actually, I wasn't willing to just do whatever you said without question, you turned against me. And, then, you abused your power to "teach me a lesson", that being that you think you're always right and that no-one can ever argue with you. You might occasionally admit you are wrong, true, but you aren't willing to accept that, sometimes, people just have different viewpoints from you.
  6. Cherry_Lover
    2011-12-17 11:30
    Well, yeah, but that's not true for the other guy.

    And why wouldn't you fight it? If the mods are being arbitrary and unfair, then fighting them is the only right thing to do.
  7. Altima of the Gates
    2011-12-16 23:32
    Altima of the Gates
    If that would be their decision, I wouldn't fight 'em over it, but I'd be disappointed. But no, it turned out mostly fine since the guy was only checking it.
  8. Cherry_Lover
    2011-12-10 17:11
    Honestly, Altima, you're lucky you weren't just arbitrarily banned for a day like that Thess guy was....

    Not that them randomly deleting posts without explanation or justification is really shocking....
  9. Cherry_Lover
    2010-10-07 08:03
    Yeah, it's odd that. I get a few, but less than I'd expect given how many you're getting. Then again, it's probably only one or two people, so they can't neg-rep me all that often....
  10. Altima of the Gates
    2010-10-06 21:34
    Altima of the Gates
    Hmm, I got neg repped again.
    Honestly, its always when I make a comment. People flying off the handle, or saying whatever they want and I don't neg rep them. Such children.

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