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Conversation Between Cherry_Lover and willyvereb
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  1. Cherry_Lover
    2012-12-11 14:25
    I got banned because Altima got sick of me being myself and not just doing what he told me without question....

    The mods and admins decided to clamp down on any sort of dissent, and the way I tended to argue things (even though I was, by their own admission, improving a lot), and gave me an ultumatum (after I did something pretty minor, without being on any sort of warning at the time) saying that the next offense would lead to a permaban.

    Then, Altima pissed me around for a month acting like he cared and intended to listen to me, getting me to write a message to the admins and mods putting across my case, when in fact he had no intention of taking any notice of what I had to say. He also promised me I wouldn't get banned unless I did something really bad, which was a total and utter lie.

    I got annoyed at their lack of any response, posted the message publically (which, given that they posted the ultimatum publically, was not unreasonable) and Altima just locked the thread rather than allowing a dicussion to form, threatening me with a ban if I continued. I then made a blog post stating my position and trying to get the mods to talk to me, which he immediately banned me for, against even their own rules. Then, he refused point-blank to discuss it with me in any reasonable manner, despite my desire to compromise.
  2. willyvereb
    2012-12-11 09:03
    You got banned!?
    Well, what did you do?
    Yeah, it has been ages since I did anything of note in BL. (Or even here on AnimeSuki for that matter)
    I'm seriously out of the loop.
  3. Cherry_Lover
    2012-12-04 15:17
    Hey, you there? I haven't seen you around in ages....

    I got banned from BL, thanks to Altima, and now I'm starting my own forum. If you want to come along, you're welcome. I dunno if we're allowed to advertise sites like this, but if you reply to me I'll send you a PM with the details.
  4. willyvereb
    2010-07-06 12:48
    Are you mike1984(from Beast's Lair) by any chance? I know I should've asked that question months ago but well...I tend to be like that.

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