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Conversation Between demonchild and psycho_luny
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  1. demonchild
    2010-04-30 10:12
    hey angelo if your reading this, please contact me. we're worried.
  2. psycho_luny
    2010-04-26 16:40
    yo dean tell nick that i won't hurt him, if he stays away from me.
    and tell him that if he ever comes close to me again, he won't be so fortunate, for i will kill him, and you know i don't make empty threads.
  3. psycho_luny
    2010-04-20 13:22
    haha, very funny
    i promised sam to do so and now i did. it might took me a while, but i've placed it.
  4. demonchild
    2010-04-20 13:11
    is it really....aren't my eyes deceiving me, have you finally posted a picture of you somewhereO_O
  5. psycho_luny
    2010-04-16 16:38
    i don't know, i need some time to think.
    and dean.....thanks
  6. demonchild
    2010-04-16 16:11
    it was good that you came today, but you didn't have to run of like the way you did.
    it's okay to show your emotions, you don't have to hide them from anyone, we all cried.
    sam would be proud of what you have accomplished today, you didn't supress your emotions like alway's do, you finally let them out.
    but please don't close up again and let us in, let us help you.
    we're at my house all day tomorrow, feel free to come. we couldn't be happier if you did, sam would be aswell.
  7. psycho_luny
    2010-04-15 16:55
    it's okay.
    why didn't she tell me, she felt like that. she knew i would stop all of it.
    i can't do anything without her. she was the 1 who layed out my path, my ray of light in the darkness.
    my strength is gone, i have nothing left.
    i will be there, if only for her. if only to ask her for forgiveness.
  8. demonchild
    2010-04-15 15:45
    i'm sorry, that was a bit cruell of me.
    yeah and with every fight she died more and more, to see the person she likes do that to himself. and even more because you did it to please her, to make her happy.
    and look at what your doing, your starting to become what she tried to safe you from. all her efforts, all her hard work and suffering and still you turn into it.
    don't let your pain and sadness get the best out of you, show us all that your as strong as you wanted sam to see you.
    tomorrow we will be at the tree round 12 in the afternoon, we hope you will join us.
    kom alstublieft, het zou veel voor sam betekenen als je naar haar herdenking kwam.
  9. psycho_luny
    2010-04-15 10:34
    please don't call me that, sam called me that. i beg of you.
    lier, stop lying. all i did was for her, every fight, every beating. i endured all that to keep her safe, to keep her happy. i fought all those who hurt her, or was threat to her. what i did was to make her happy, i never hurt her, so take it back.
  10. demonchild
    2010-04-14 18:41
    stop acting all though, i saw you at the tree with the bottle in your hand. so don't ly and say that you don't give a crapp.
    and you're so inconsiderate, she freaking loved you. she freaking saved your life, patched you up when you got banged up in a fight, she got you of the alcohol, she always stood by you no matter what.
    and you say that she didn't cared about you, she freaking loved you. do you know how much it hurt her to see you all banged up after a fight, to see you hurt and closed like you was. no matter what she took care of you, helped you when you needed it.
    if she heard what you're saying she would slap you on the back of the head and call you angie and you know it's true, so you better snap out of it and come back to the real world.

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