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Conversation Between limao and revan5
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  1. limao
    2011-04-20 20:39
    Yeah, i've imagined RBN wasn't charging you money, of-course Gooloo0-o is another story
  2. revan5
    2011-04-20 18:18
    Royal Blue never asked for a commission on that or anything else he's drawn for me fyi. He draws stuff from my series because he likes it, not because he makes money off of me. I've only ever comissioned the 2 Gooloo0-o covers, and those were not cheap (150+ US dollars).
  3. revan5
    2011-01-14 13:09
    Don't worry i won't disturb your empress anymore... beeehh
    Oh I'm not worried about that. I just found your comment on me not getting humor to be tactless. I can obviously appreciate humor limao, even if you don't see it. I didn't mind you making fun of the empress picture. I might not get your style of satire all the time, but I wasn't offended.
  4. limao
    2011-01-14 09:36
    Don't worry i won't disturb your empress anymore... beeehh
  5. revan5
    2011-01-11 12:55
    I get humor, it's just I think you and I have a different understanding of what is humorous. You like to mock Claymore-themed things, so perhaps it isn't your cup of tea. Humor can be a lot of things, like social commentary for instance. (wait until :30)

    Then of course there's just random-ass humor on pop culture:
    Now that's a classic!

    Then there's Colbert's roast of President Bush back in 2006:

    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:

    Let's not forget my own humor:
  6. revan5
    2011-01-10 21:17

    Limao, I've found you the ultimate control freak to mock. Yes, the WSJ actually published an opinion article called "Chinese Mothers are Superior". I'm not sure why, but man, there's a gold mine of material in here for you to mine sometime.
  7. limao
    2011-01-08 05:32
    You have to make your army stronger, it just got defeated by a cat
  8. revan5
    2011-01-07 23:46
    What in the world is that cat supposed to be doing? haha. I have no idea what Roma has to do with anything. Is that supposed to be a veiled reference to the empress' name? Well, if you enjoyed having some fun with this, wait till you see Miria and Renee in armor by gooloo0-o of Deviantart in about a month.
  9. revan5
    2010-09-11 14:28
    The Hipster Olympics:

    "He's checking to see if each of the contestants is adequately hung over"

    "Oh, it looks like illicit drugs have officially entered play"

    "That's not the level of scorn I'd expect from a top competitor!"

    "I haven't seen performances like this since last year's Douchebag Summer Games in out in sunny Santa Monica, California!"

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