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Conversation Between Almazluverdis3 and OgodItsKanon
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  1. OgodItsKanon
    2010-11-02 17:43
    Manryness. XD
  2. Almazluverdis3
    2010-10-27 13:25
    It was a very nice curl, but as always, DEEN messes up and gives him the Italy curl. 'Cause his curl is 'possed to be back, right? I was pleased with most of the voices, but uh, notsomuch with Iceland. I didn't really care whether his VA is female or not, but his male VA sounds too... manry. ;A; Other than that, it was a great episode.
  3. OgodItsKanon
    2010-10-22 17:09
    Umm, what episode was that? The "How the nice products from the Nordic countries are made" episode, right?

    Norway's floating curl<3
  4. Almazluverdis3
    2010-10-22 08:49
    Thanks. Your icon is prettyful, too!
    I wonder if you saw the Nordics debut or not. XD
  5. OgodItsKanon
    2010-10-20 17:47
    Wow. Your avatar made me lol. Poor Hong Kong XD

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