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Conversation Between cutechocopockiikissu and xris
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  1. xris
    2010-07-06 17:48
    Are you really telling me that you don't know how to spell the following?
    im -> "I'm" or "I am"
    sory -> sorry
    nut -> not
    god -> good
    tryin -> trying

    I can only assume you are doing this on purpose, in which case I will be issuing Infractions soon enough.
  2. cutechocopockiikissu
    2010-07-06 17:42
    im sory im nut god at it, im tryin to be better.
  3. xris
    2010-07-06 17:38
    There are a number of reasons, many of which you may think are not bad but be as it may, we specifically request in our forum rules that posters at least attempt to use proper English when posting. When you joined the forum you agreed to abide by those rules.

    Not doing so (especially after being asked) is considered rude, it also is inconsiderate to other posters (more so to those who English isn't their first language).
  4. cutechocopockiikissu
    2010-07-06 17:31
    But I dont undrstand. how is it that bad?
  5. xris
    2010-07-06 17:26
    If you keep ignoring the warning about use of English then you are going to have your posts deleted and an Infraction issued!

    For more on Infractions and Warnings, please see the Infraction FAQ

    And again, read the forum rules!

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