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Conversation Between duckroll and totoum
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  1. totoum
    2012-07-20 05:23
    Thanks for the info,I figured it'd be that scene,and it indeed it is great,hope you'll enjoy the rest of the movie as much as I did.
  2. duckroll
    2012-07-18 13:31
    Thanks, I heard second hand information about what he said at the panel, but it's great to have more detailed first hand info. I really appreciate it.

    The 12 minute preview for Ookami Kodomo ends right after she sees the transformation. Great scene with really good music.
  3. totoum
    2012-07-18 00:19
    Since I'm stalking twitter about anything to do with Hosoda's new movie I know you've seen the first twelve minutes!
    I was wondering where it stops,I really lost track of time when watching the movie so while I've got a couple guesses I'm really not sure.

    Oh and since I was looking at your twitter...I'm not sure if word of this got out,I'll say it just in case but Maruyama said at a panel at japan expo that he is actively trying to get a Pluto anime off and runing though it's far from a done deal but it's a project he really wishes to see through before he retires and it's high on his priority list,finding funds is tough though,the latest negotions have it taking the form of "8 one hour episodes" but that's of course subject to change (I was at the panel so I heard all this from the man himself)
    Though maybe you knew all this already

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