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Conversation Between rainnydaiis and Mega-Japan
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  1. Mega-Japan
    2008-11-08 09:27
    Ah screw it let's be friends, lol
  2. rainnydaiis
    2008-11-06 20:21
    Well a girl in love that wants revenge is scary... Just because he didn't deserve it doesn't mean he didn't have it coming for him.
  3. Mega-Japan
    2008-11-06 14:29
    I know they would, because most people understand the difference between anime and real life, lol. But putting those action into real time events, seriously, Makoto did not deserve to die, harshly punishment, but not death.
  4. rainnydaiis
    2008-11-06 11:44
    I'm not evil, I bet like atleast 75% of people who watched school days feel the same way.
  5. Mega-Japan
    2008-11-05 06:06
    You're evil, very evil xD
  6. rainnydaiis
    2008-11-04 18:11
    Haha, the beginning was ok. But later on in the series I was just happy about what happened to him.
  7. Mega-Japan
    2008-11-04 17:16
    Well, I agree that he was a bastard, baka, blah blah blah but I still don't think he deserved to die. I actually enjoyed the first few episodes of that series and like most people, grew to dislike the second half.
  8. rainnydaiis
    2008-11-04 16:47
    I think a lot of people can agree with us about makoto. Haha ^^
  9. Mega-Japan
    2008-11-04 14:28
    Oh Makoto from School Days? Yup yup, that I can agree with.
  10. rainnydaiis
    2008-11-04 14:20
    Its ok, every once in a while there will be a character that you'll hate in anime. One character I still hate is makoto and always will.

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