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Conversation Between Coldlight and Soverence
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  1. Soverence
    2013-03-09 12:16
    Wow, this is a late response that is for sure x.x . Anyhow, how did your interviews end up turning out? you get a job anywhere?

    I did notice that after you mentioned that crunchyroll was a little overpriced, their stuff seems to cost like a extra 5-10 dollars on almost everything then anywhere else even after including in the member's price, only time it is cheaper is if their is a sale going on. Ebay in general has a lot of bootleg stuff on it which is why you just have to be careful when buying from there.
  2. Coldlight
    2013-02-22 19:11
    Well, not sure how my interviews this week went, but I received the usual "we'll call you" line at the end.

    By Sayaka figure, you probably mean GSC's 1/8 scale Sayaka Miki Movie version. Well, I already have GSC's 1/8 Sayaka Miki which is practically identical save for her movie-only ff hairpin. My gratitude for letting me know, however!

    Figures on Crunchyroll seem to be rather overpriced, however. On AmiAmi, which is one of the big 3 stores for anime figure collectors, her movie version's price is only equivalent to $~62 compared to CR's $95/$140. It's good to know they sell figures now too, though. Added to my list of alternative stores so I don't have to resort to the dangers of buying figures from eBay. (eBay is notorious for the many bootleg figures going around)
  3. Soverence
    2013-02-22 12:01
    Hey! how you doing? Wanted to let you know there is a Sayaka figure on sale on Cruchyroll right now since you collect them, not sure if it is actually a good price or not but I thought I would like you know
  4. Soverence
    2013-02-11 10:39
    Being productive, I like it Hope all your interviews went well!

    Yeah, couple of my friends from college have me playing a game called C9 with them now, its fun but nothing great. I actually think its because of my computer, I have to run games on the lowest settings which usually aren't terrible but for DOTA 2 they are actually pretty bad. I saw DOTA 2 being run with good graphics and it looked fine then. Yeah I was like "where did coldlight go?" when I no longer saw a Sayaka pic on my steam friend list

    I have been doing pretty good myself recently, nothing too exciting has been happening on my end just normal college stuff and what not. Classes for me got cancelled Friday and today because of the Blizzard that just hit us which is kind of nice since I didn't really feel like going to class today.
  5. Coldlight
    2013-02-10 04:49
    Hmm. I've been going to exams and job interviews during some of the weekdays. The reason I was busy a couple of weeks ago was because I went to my university's job fair. When free, I either do the usual stuff or I get pulled into a Dota 2 game with those other Internet friends of mine.

    I do see you online on Steam from time to time, though. It's a shame you didn't seem too fond of the game's graphics; I can't do anything about that, but there is a setting to display player names above the heroes. That should help a bit during chaotic team fights. Oh, and I changed my name & pic there temporarily to follow up on an inside joke if you were wondering.

    So, how are you doing?
  6. Soverence
    2013-02-09 17:53
    Hello there kind Sir! How are you doing?
  7. Soverence
    2013-01-30 19:38
    I am as well, not sure if I already said so to you but just got back to college last week so I am still settling back in somewhat. My timezone is UTC - 5 so we basically got about a 12 hours difference ha? So pretty much the only real times would could play would be 7-12ish on the week ends probably.

    Internet friends can be just as cool, you have never met a man as snazzy as me before that is for sure . I have been playing DOTA 2 a little since you have it to me, its interesting. I like the actual gameplay style, but the graphics somewhat kill it for me. It seems hard to actually tell who is a hero and skill shots are usually hard to notice through mobs.

    Well stories with those kinds of subjects are obviously not something someone really reads for pleasure, they are read more for the story and trials of the main character. Please do
  8. Coldlight
    2013-01-29 07:56
    Hopefully, we'll get that chance sometime. I'm rather busy this week, and compounded with the fact that we have a big timezone difference (mine is UTC +8) means we may not be getting that chance soon.

    Yeah, playing with people you know (even if some are just internet friends) always adds greatly to the fun factor. I've only actually resumed playing Dota 2 recently this year despite having had it since the middle of last year. I didn't have as many friends then who played it as I have now, so in practice I rarely started the game client until these past few weeks.

    Hard process indeed, due to the fact that I strongly detest seeing any form of sexual abuse in any media and my tendency to usually stay away from those like the plague. In spite of that, it's reassuring to know that it's a well-written story and it's among your top 5 manga. I'll eventually, but surely get around to reading it - and I will let you know my thoughts after.
  9. Soverence
    2013-01-28 17:22
    I got the friend request, and good choice there xD. Thank you my friend! We will have to play together sometime when we get the chance! I honestly didn't know what your profile pic was on Steam, it makes sense now that I read this however.

    I usually tend to play with people I know more often then not anymore. Well its hard to get a full team usually, as long as I have 1 or 2 other people with me I find the games are generally more fun even if we end up with a rager somewhere on the team.

    Well good thing you went back and continued ha? I will give it a whirl eventually based on your recommendation, we have very similar tastes so I am sure I will enjoy it as well . Bitter Virgin is a very serious story about trying to get over heavy abuse (as you said) so it is a hard process. Even though, it is very well written and despite how hard some of it can be to read (like what the girl had to go through), it all works so well together and just makes this great story. Bitter Virgin is easily one of my top 5 personal best manga (probably 4th to be exact). If you read it, let me know what you though, I would love to hear your take on it.
  10. Coldlight
    2013-01-26 20:21
    All right, I just added you (since there were two accounts with that name and the other hasn't logged-in in 188 days, I assume you're the other one with the 4 year badge). The Dota 2 invite will come next. My player name on Steam is Marker, you'd know by my shadow art avatar of Sayaka.

    Oh, so it's the same way with LoL, huh. I agree that people are taking games far too seriously these days. I've met some nice people in Dota 2 public games, but the downright rude and overly serious ragers are also there in equal numbers, if not more.

    When I first came across Chikan Otoko, I also hesitated and put it off before I finally gave it a go. I'm glad I made the decision to read it. No regrets there. Bitter Virgin, huh? I've seen others talk about it before, but the kind of abuse in the synopsis (and its tag cloud on mangaupdates ) was turning me away. But I see it's only 32 chapters and 4 volumes long, so I'll give it a try now that a friend has personally recommended it to me.

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