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Conversation Between Kyouka and Malkuth
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  1. Malkuth
    2013-10-16 20:40
    You liked that
  2. Kyouka
  3. Malkuth
    2013-10-16 19:06
    ????? pokemon?
  4. Kyouka
    2013-10-16 16:32
    pika pika chuuuu!!!
  5. Kyouka
    2013-10-16 10:00
    im here on and off!
  6. Malkuth
    2013-10-16 03:21
    ah... and she disappeared again in the world of MMORPGs and IRL
  7. Malkuth
    2013-10-15 01:10
    It had a lot of boring moments, but generally flowed better and faster than the sisters arc. The main problem with sisters was that I already knew what was going on, but regardless they went on to explain the same things as in index, plus despite changing the perspective from Touma to Mikoto, the common scenes played out the same eventually.

    By the way, what happened to the mods, are they on vacation or something, most threads are filled with hints and discussion gets quite heated... not that I complain, the forum is much more interesting to read lately, like 3-4 years ago
  8. Kyouka
    2013-10-14 18:56
    the second arc of railgun was kinda bad imo and no i didnt start watching it just thought of it
  9. Malkuth
    2013-10-14 18:25
    Don't tell me that you started watching "the brain-dead idol trying to destroy her last surviving brain cell through pro wrestling"... says Malkuth after swallowing a painkiller to counter his headache.

    Better watch the PSA about the birth of centaurs... says Malkuth while making a leecherous smile.

    And I finished Railgun yesterday... the second arc was much better, despite also lacking Misaki
  10. Kyouka
    2013-10-14 17:30
    waits for reply silently

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