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Conversation Between Jao and Knightrunner
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  1. Knightrunner
    2010-11-26 22:21
    I'll be gone for 20 to 30 minutes since I plan to eat and take a shower. I hope you enjoy yourself. I'll be coming back here though.
  2. Knightrunner
    2010-11-26 22:13
    Hmmmm I'll link the Crisis Core first. Gives me energy everytime I watch this.
    Spoiler for Fight scene:

    Dirge of Cereberus (I have to admit somethings is about Vinecint, but it holds stories Sephiroths creation which I think is significant especially abotu Seph real mom)

    Lucrecia's story tried to find some good quality but of course not the whole story

    Spoiler for Lucrecia's story:

    Spoiler for war times:

    Spoiler for Seph isn't the only hero class:
  3. Jao
    2010-11-26 22:02
    I'm familiar with the material Crisis Core covers, and have the basest understanding of how it fits into the overall mythos.

    Crisis Core is the one I would have maybe played, had I a PSP. Dirge of Cerberus just feels like 'Vincent because Vincent', but I'm ready to be proven wrong. Link away =)
  4. Knightrunner
    2010-11-26 21:58
    So I guess your not familiar with Crisis Core and Dirge of Cereberus then? It's true that they maybe milking money, but I think out of all the Final Fantasies the stories can increase. I'll give you a wonderful fight video in Crisis Core if you want.
  5. Jao
    2010-11-26 21:52
    I'm sorry, I don't quite know what you mean by FF7 series. I've played the original to death, saw Advent Children years ago and watched the prequel OVA about a year ago.

    I'm not really all that into the whole FF7 expanded universe thing. I prefer stories to be streamlined. Cash cowing them after the story is told isn't a good storytelling ethic, I feel.
  6. Knightrunner
    2010-11-26 21:46
    I'm going to be taking a shower soon, but do you watch the Final Fantasy 7 series?
  7. Jao
    2010-11-26 21:34
    Thank you for your kind and weloming message on my profile. I hope we can get along well =)
  8. Knightrunner
    2010-11-26 21:06
    Welcome If you want to talk about anything feel free to drop a visitor message to my page

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