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Conversation Between FlavoryFantasy and mangatron
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  1. FlavoryFantasy
    2014-02-14 10:33
    Pfft. She would be too embarrassed to ask for help on cooking. She'd probably grudgingly accept Tatsuta-chans help too. Besides you were probably peeking on her as she practiced her presentation for me! I hope Atago & Takao bomb you to pieces!

    I assumed so, since you were busy peeping at girls, or focusing on what has happened with your leg man. Anyway, you can't play with two Verts at the same time, which one will you play with first?
  2. mangatron
    2014-02-14 10:25
    W-we were making chocolate together in her kitchen, yeah! You know her, she can't cook that well She said the chocolate was for you, I swear *gets impaled by Tatsuta*

    And I completely forgot about Neptunia episode 13! If you hadn't told me, I would have cried when it gets released and not being prepared for it
  3. FlavoryFantasy
    2014-02-14 10:18
    Hey why do you have that picture of Tenryuu-chan? I was already licking her when I woke up this morning because she insisted that I taste her choco!

    On another note you won't survive the extra Neptunia episode, because there are going to be TWO Verts
  4. mangatron
    2014-02-14 10:02
    ARRRRR ZZZZettai butt with a side tie pantsu one size too small And the sideboob!!

    That was a nice pic to wake up to, thanks let's see, what have I here.... ah! Here we go:
    choco bra!
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  5. FlavoryFantasy
    2014-02-13 11:37
    Here's an ass for you!
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    As always side-tie pantsu best pantsu.
  6. FlavoryFantasy
    2014-02-07 17:47
    But if all the budget went into the photoshoots, how will we ever get a different ending each episode?

    Ahem, have you read that Kantai collection anthology manga? Man, I aint a fan of NTR but I am so close to stealing Tenryuu and Tatsuta from you
    I don't think I have. But if you even try planning to steal Tenryuu and Tatsuta from me, I'm going to have to sink Atago Tron.
  7. mangatron
    2014-02-07 10:51
    It saddens me I tell ya. These photoshoots need to be longer and fully animated! They need to pour all the budget into the photoshoots! The photographer needs to capture every bounce! WHY THEY DEPRIVE ME OF SUPER SENSEI SONICO WITH PANTYHOSE WHYYYYY

    Ahem, have you read that Kantai collection anthology manga? Man, I aint a fan of NTR but I am so close to stealing Tenryuu and Tatsuta from you
  8. FlavoryFantasy
    2014-02-04 20:23
    Tron you're going to be sad that Sonico's photoshoot in the recent episode wasn't longer.

    Sensei / office lady outfit? Shame it was so short lived...
  9. FlavoryFantasy
    2014-01-28 21:53
    Nice course of actions set up there Tron. As expected of you.

    Tenryuu? Well she needed to be rinsed on some areas. Plus I wanted to see her wrinkle the water out of her skirt so I could see her pantsu and legs. When she does her bottom shirt half, I get to see her yummy tummy!
    Plus doing that to Tenryuu-chan means Tatsuta-chan will want to consul me through the use of quality time spent together!
  10. mangatron
    2014-01-28 10:35
    Actually I'll do both. It's like this: Her bra and pantsu is in the way, so I gotta take those off. But I'm going to leave her skirt on, fix her necktie and help her put Her stockings on. NAKED ZZZETTAI LEGS!

    Hey, why'd you use a Super Soaker on Tenryuu?!?
    Warning: Not safe to view at work or school!
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