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Conversation Between FlavoryFantasy and Sumeragi
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  1. FlavoryFantasy
    2014-01-10 21:28
    Welcome back!
  2. FlavoryFantasy
    2013-10-24 10:20
    HEY! 提督!!! Curious here, besides Akagi & Kaga, who else have you taken a liking to?
  3. Sumeragi
    2013-10-11 11:05
    Thank you~
  4. FlavoryFantasy
    2013-10-10 23:03
    Happy birthday!
  5. FlavoryFantasy
    2013-10-09 12:31
    Preposterous! I for one, would never bring myself to interact with both of those 2 at the same time. Only unfortunate events would be the result if I engaged in activities with them...
  6. Sumeragi
    2013-10-09 12:06
    I consider the three as a group of cute otoutos who I like to fool with.
  7. FlavoryFantasy
    2013-10-09 11:56
    What does the green signify? More importantly, why am I grouped together with a loli lover and a super masochist loving nee-con?!?
  8. FlavoryFantasy
    2013-07-31 23:34
    Welcome back!
  9. FlavoryFantasy
    2013-04-19 17:06
    This virus of yours has done some interesting things.
    Originally Posted by SaintessHeart
    *waves his tail around*

    Good question. I don't know. Some mutation out of the Sumeragi virus I guess.
    I thought it was suppose to only affect his mind, yet it's also changing his body.

    Do you know what else it's capable of? More importantly, is there a cure?
  10. FlavoryFantasy
    2013-04-13 21:47
    You are definitely quite prepared, unlike myself...

    If I was to...attempt and try to keep Tsukushi to myself, what would happen?

    My reason is mainly to keep my sanity in check. Now I know that is a awful excuse but... *runs away*

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