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Conversation Between FlavoryFantasy and supermegasonic
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  1. supermegasonic
    2012-10-06 23:22
    yea get on that VN list, and let me know when you make it

    and yea that would probably be the case. played 12.3 with friend before, when we tried playing it again we couldnt land anything properly, the most awkward and crappiest battle ever, lol
    and i saw the patchy album you have, love the pics, all of them are good, this one is adorable
    Spoiler for pic:
  2. FlavoryFantasy
    2012-10-06 22:19
    Yeah I really need to find the time to actually mark down what I've read on vndb...should really make an account there lol.

    Oh yes do love Touhou, though haven't touched any games in a year or so. Getting re-addicted would destroy my study habits... I probably suck now too!
  3. supermegasonic
    2012-10-06 21:33
    o see, you have a VN list i think that would help.
    also i happen to notice you like touhou. im a touhou fan myself, playing th11 now (i think)
  4. FlavoryFantasy
    2012-10-06 08:47
    Oh I see, nah I've played a bit. Most of TYPE-MOON stuff, Nitro+, KEY games, and a random number of other companies games. Names escape me...

    Though I currently don't have the time to go through VN's. So now's a good time as any to work on anime or LN backlog.
  5. supermegasonic
    2012-10-05 21:40
    well i guess it was becuz it was made by one guy. i'll be playing that. dont know when though
    are you a regular VN guy or was it just FSN that you played??
  6. FlavoryFantasy
    2012-10-05 06:54
    Well there is a lot of text lol.
    Yeah, played it about 3 years ago...? Maybe a lil over that lol. I thought it was pretty good. Aside from the random "asspulls" (or so I believe) here and there in the Fate route...

    Maybe it wouldn't hurt if I found the time to replay it sometime.
  7. supermegasonic
    2012-10-04 23:46
    o i see. well. hopefully someone can get on that, kinda takes forever to get these VN's out
    btw have you played FSN? im planning to play it in the future, wanna know what you thought of it
  8. FlavoryFantasy
    2012-10-04 06:11
    Not the original Fate/Stay Night visual novel, but it's sequel Fate/Hollow Ataraxia. Should be around 80+ % translated, I think a fair amount of it is edited too. I haven't checked the progress in a couple months...last I heard there should be a 3rd partial translation patch that was released somewhat recently too.
  9. supermegasonic
    2012-10-04 02:07
    are we talking about the FSN game? is that where it comes from?
  10. FlavoryFantasy
    2012-10-03 06:59
    It was on a MAL thread iirc. But yeah it's a real minigame.
    Pretty sure you just have to visit Illya a few times in the HA game, I only recognized it since I went from 30% completion to 50% in the same day and remember meeting with her a couple times throughout that.

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