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Conversation Between FlavoryFantasy and Marcus H.
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  1. Marcus H.
    2014-02-13 22:30
    Marcus H.
    If only some authors have his dedication. (talking about Berserk and HxH)
  2. FlavoryFantasy
    2014-02-13 21:51
    this js06 comment...
    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
    That was Kawakami in the late 90s. I can't imagine how much more crazy things will get whenever he starts writing the EDGE series...
  3. Marcus H.
    2013-06-04 08:23
    Marcus H.
    That's a loyal Kawakamite if I ever saw one.
  4. FlavoryFantasy
    2013-06-04 07:11
    Marcus, js06 started translating OnC, though for now it's as a low priority project. Better than nothing

    edit:Also this guy and all his stuff he bought (pretty sure you posted about him before in LN thread)

    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

    Just damn...even got CITY novels now.
  5. FlavoryFantasy
    2013-05-22 22:52
    Okay, that last link I gave you to the pastebin got super updated. To note on the sections in there:

    - pages 9, 14, 15, 16 all translated.

    everything still needs to be edited for typos and what not. Guy who did it says he plans to TL more, when he has time & finds out what he's more interested in...
  6. FlavoryFantasy
    2013-05-21 19:14
    pg. 16
    For the equator, there is the standard terrestial one with the sun seasonal apparent movement. However, there also exists a temporary equator in the Divine States. It crosses the middle of Divine States from east to west (northeast to northwest to be precise), the same as it was in the Harmonic Divine States.
    The Environmental Gods were the foundation of this interim circumference, giving the provisional earth crust the proportional latitude to provide it of sunlight. This way the warmth quantity from above given to other regions the provisional crust advances, with some exceptions beyond the crust particular limitations. Due to this, around autumn the Divine States seaside provisional crust lands get snow-capped mountains and the Hokuriku region is on state of permafrost. On the other hand, the region east to west from the provisional crust line through southern Seto Inland Sea is on perpetual hot weather, with the four seasons reversed in the south.

    >Encyclopedia p.23
    >浅井家は滅ぼさものの、合流していた魔族がその領土の一部に残留したもの。織田家浅井家の滅亡を行った一 万で、魔族文化を貴重なものとして見ており、その存続が為されている。織田が「魔王」と呼ばれるのはこの影 響でもある。
    >Romania-Asai Family
    >Composed of demons who claimed land that was once owned by the Asai Family. Currently ruled by the Oda Clan, where Oda Nobunaga is called as the "demon king" or "maou".
    Didn't think having 2 equators would bring such interesting results for their world...
  7. FlavoryFantasy
    2013-05-19 07:28
    Lol so it was just a different wiki contributor. Yeah, no problem.
  8. Marcus H.
    2013-05-18 21:55
    Marcus H.
    You caught me, lol. But I don't have a tripcode. Anyway, thanks for the heads-up.
  9. FlavoryFantasy
    2013-05-18 21:44
    I'm fairly certain your trip was the wiki guy right lol? Either way I don't think I remember seeing you in the last Horizon thread...2(?) days ago. So don't know if you had this link. The guy translating this has made a few updates since he posted it, well he still is translating some more...

    Though if you were aware of it then guess I missed you posting in that thread.
  10. FlavoryFantasy
    2013-05-13 16:08
    Don't think this was on the wiki...either that or missed it. Here's some info that was posted in regards of Musashi (ship) Least assuming if you haven't seen it already.
    >Total Passengers: 99,300 official passengers (internal crew 51,000)
    >Top speed: approx. 25 knots (in normal mode)
    >Weight: 4,800,000 tons (yes, 4.8 million)
    >Length overall: approx. 7,300 m
    >Width: 2,100 m
    >Height: 860 m
    >IZUMO-manufactured Surface Ether Driver, Hull-type Special 06 “Susashizunami”
    >IZUMO-manufactured Surface Ether Extraction Device Hull-type Special 06 "Fuuyusei" (actually I have no idea how to read this, so I'm just throwing the usual readings on it; the kanji are "風有凄" for anyone interested)

    >Cruising Mode ATELL Consumption Rates
    >Actual consumption during cruising mode - ATELL/hour
    >=average 857600 ATELL
    >=238 Bless
    >Actual consumption during cruising mode - ATELL/day
    >=5717 Bless

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