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Conversation Between ChainLegacy and DonQuigleone
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  1. DonQuigleone
    2012-09-28 12:17
    Soda is definitely was created by the gods.

    I'd like to say your grandfather is an abberation but... he definitely isn't! Well done steak is blasphemy! Irish people are only beginning now to develop a sense of taste...
  2. ChainLegacy
    2012-09-28 12:07
    Saw your post on the nutrition tangent in dating thread. I laughed when you said the Irish overcook anything. My parents often make fun of my grandfather (who lives in Ireland himself) for ordering his steak as 'very well done' when eating out.

    True too about the soda bread, it's leagues above the crap we have here. Though like you said, even the best grains pale to vegetables nutritionally.

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