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Conversation Between Mizuno and mangatron
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  1. mangatron
    2012-04-17 08:22
    Thanks, I'm glad i have at least one of my eyes, if both of them got hurt it would have really crushed my hopes of enjoying the new season of anime.
  2. Mizuno
    2012-04-17 06:35
    Just found out about your eye. All the best to your recovery, man. You're one of the few bright people on the board.
  3. Mizuno
    2012-03-28 17:23
    Ah I knew I have seen them before. Hare looks so sweet but then I learn about her fate.
  4. mangatron
    2012-03-28 06:21
    Aha, intrigued eh?

    Girls #1 is Kanako from Nyan Koi, girl #5 is Hare from Guilty Crown, and girl #6 is Ichika from Ano Natsu de Matteru
  5. Mizuno
    2012-03-28 05:13
    I demand to know the girls' names on your blog banner.

    Actually just 1, 5, and 6 from the left.
  6. Mizuno
    2011-10-30 06:19
    Watch C3 episode 5 now. Epic lol.
  7. Mizuno
    2011-10-25 17:44
    Oh the ecchi show of the season, huh. It all makes sense.
  8. mangatron
    2011-10-25 06:58
    Hey mangatron, your sig is so... attention-grabbing. What is that?
    It's a scene I modified from Maken-Ki episode 03. A hot spring scene with lots of fun

    And thanks for asking, you reminded me that I needed to update my signature info
  9. Mizuno
    2011-08-11 07:52
    I didn't plan to watch that series but now it has me intrigued..
  10. mangatron
    2011-08-11 04:07
    My PM inbox is full

    On the left it's the Newspaper Chief girl from R-15, and on the right it's a teacher from the same series

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