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Conversation Between Mr Coin and Old_Iron
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  1. Mr Coin
    2013-03-27 07:24
    Mr Coin
    Daarrrn, now I feel quite guilty for being too excited. Hehehe. Looking at the three, I have this strange feeling that you'll be tackling the third one after Sword and Shield, a sequel perhaps, or it's just a new story of the same pairing. Then again, a surprise is a surprise... I'll just have to be patient for your next installment.
  2. Old_Iron
    2013-03-27 02:47
    Ahahaha. You're the first one to actually question those. I cannot say much, as that would ruin the surprise. But what I can say is that the first makes everyone happy, the second is a shock, and the third is a warm bit of horror and love~

    If you figure it out, please keep it to yourself. I'd like to give everyone a bit of a surprise. >=3
  3. Mr Coin
    2013-03-27 00:32
    Mr Coin
    I have a question. Can you please give me a summary or an introduction on these three phrases you've written in your profile page? I can't really sleep sweet and sound until I know them. I really want to know what are they after you finish sword and shield.

    "Three angles make a triangle; three heartbeats make a heart."

    "We cherish these halcyon days. Together."

    "Embers dance among the bookshelves, more ghost than flame."
  4. Old_Iron
    2012-09-29 11:23
    I noticed a few errors myself when I reread it after uploading, but Mediaminer is horribly uncooperative with things. It took probably close to 20 minutes to get a working version uploaded in the first place. So fixing those wasn't exactly high on my priority list. I'll get to it though. >.<

    Still, I'm glad you enjoyed it. =3

    And I'm wondering who you are talking about. Yuuno didn't have any roommate. Are you talking about the person with whom he gained experience? Because that was Nanoha when they were together.
  5. Mr Coin
    2012-09-29 09:20
    Mr Coin
    Yesh! A lemon! Thank you for uploading it. The "H" scene of S&S made me laugh, grin, and blush, my friends thought I was turning weird so they had to make plenty of space to avoid misinterpretation of perversion from others.

    There are also some parts that you need to beta, but they are just minor mistakes.

    I'm just wondering who's the background character(Yuuno's room-mate) that you had mentioned in the story?

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