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Conversation Between Aoie_Emesai and Animepandafreak
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  1. Animepandafreak
    2009-01-30 17:22
    o thanks ^^
  2. Aoie_Emesai
    2009-01-29 23:00
    okay. I've stuck that on to our member pages now.
  3. Animepandafreak
    2009-01-29 22:30
    here's my deviantart linki
  4. Animepandafreak
    2008-11-13 21:23
    i c u read my script, it gets better though *pinky* promise sadness is only a little part of it i like but IT does get better I updated a bit of it

    but I did post my url 4 the GAR contest i know it may not b GAR but im in the Bleach mode.
  5. Aoie_Emesai
    2008-10-13 16:21
    Ooo... When you meant final draft i just thought you were posting it but not quite using it for your submission since you only stated final draft and not "submission." But since that is so, i'll add you now.

    ps: In a bit i mean. I got some business to attend to in a few mins, be back later tonight.
  6. Animepandafreak
    2008-10-13 16:18
    u haven't added me to the contest submission yet. is the pic good?
  7. Animepandafreak
    2008-09-08 20:50
    here the link 2 my submission :

    i added and changed somethings hope u like??^^
  8. Aoie_Emesai
    2008-09-06 14:22
    The best way is to look at your drawing and see what else you think you can improve on. Maybe the eyes, maybe the shape of the face, maybe the hair. It's all what you think will fit your drawing best.

    One problem I usually do and I try not to create a habit of it is to compare your drawing to another and compare which is better. Just do your own style in which you like ^^
  9. Animepandafreak
    2008-09-06 13:16
    o k i'll don't know how 2 do special effects though but id really know what else 2 do for the contest even though i kind of like evry1's else pics
  10. Aoie_Emesai
    2008-09-06 00:00
    The drawing looks fine ^^

    Though it lacks a bit of originality...

    All I usually do is add a bit of special features such as sparkles or bright spots ^^

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