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Conversation Between Kirito and Rayrah
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  1. Rayrah
    2012-06-04 06:57
    Oh, haha, my bad. She's a vampire, right? I'm really fond of Tsubaki (And Hakumen!).. but

    Spoiler for not sure what game, but I guess it's a pretty major spoiler?:

    Weiss is just that awesome~ Yeah, I imagine that it does. As does everything else, in a sense. I just grew up playing very fewry fighters, so I guess it's no surprise that I'm not very good, heh.

    Alright, cool, I'll add you the next time I get on. Indeed!
  2. Kirito
    2012-06-03 20:16
    Rachel isn't the brown-skinned feline fighter, that's Taokaka.

    This is Rachel:

    Spoiler for Rachel Alucard:

    As for Weiss I second/third her in the game because she's really cool and I like chicks with swords. As for fighting games it takes practice and dedication to get better. Despite entering in tournaments I'm still a beginner, and the highest I've ever ranked in one was 4th place. If you keep up the practice and understand the game and your character everything it be fine.

    Spoiler for PSN ID:

    Thanks, I'm glad you like my new name, the other people haven't realized or messaged me yet about this change.
  3. Rayrah
    2012-06-03 19:53
    Ah, I haven't heard much about Rachel (she's brown-skinned feline fighter, yeah?), but I've heard and seen loads of Dizzy. Ahh, awesome! I main Weiss because I love her hair + swords. Yeah, she does look a little like Mami, heh. But unfortunately, I'm not very good at fighting games. I'm much better at RPGs, shooters, adventure, and, well, it's not a genre, but "difficult" games such as Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, and MALICIOUS. All three games I highly recommend to anyone looking for a challenge.

    Ah! That's pretty awesome. What's your PSN? I'll have to add you the next time I get on.

    Edit: I see your name got changed. Congratz ~
  4. Kirito
    2012-06-03 19:47
    In Blazblue I main Rachel and Guilty Gear it's Dizzy. You have Arcana 3? I have that game too and I love it! I main Petra because like swords, I like guns especially if they're wielded by Ojous, plus she reminds me of Mami from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

    As for other genres I like RPG, Action, Survival Horror, Adventure, and Shooters (some).
  5. Rayrah
    2012-06-03 19:14
    Indeed! I couldn't have said it better myself!

    Oooh, awesome! Who do you main in Blazblue and Guilty Gear? I haven't played them, but I've heard a lot about them. The only fighter I've played within in the past year or so on my ps3 was Arcana Heart 3. A great game, but my internet sucks so online is boring. >_<

    Oh, what other genres do you like? :3
  6. Kirito
    2012-06-03 18:48
    I like the romance in SAO too because of the common interests and insecurities that the two characters shared. They really fit each other well, they're an awesome, kick-ass pair!

    I have a PS3 and as for fighting games I play Blazblue, Guilty Gear, Street Fighter, and the upcoming Persona 4 Arena and Under Night/In-Birth game that's coming out soon. I'm a huge fighting game fan but I do play other genres though.
  7. Rayrah
    2012-06-03 18:39
    Yeah, I know what you mean. I haven't come across a story this good in, well, ever! I just love the romance so damn much. Ahh, cool. Fighting games? On what platform; PC, Arcade, PS3, 360, or all of the above?

    No problem, and..

  8. Kirito
    2012-06-03 18:29
    I'm truly looking forward to it myself. I read the light novels and I fell in love with the series instantly. Like before I started using Kirito has a nickname myself for when I enter fighting game tournaments because the character is cool and he's a gamer like yours truly.

    Thanks for the friend request, let's get along well fellow SAO fan "brofist"!
  9. Rayrah
    2012-06-03 18:22
    You sir, have great taste in romance! Friend req. sent ~

    Agreed, haha. Even though I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't looking forward to seeing Kirito in action this July. :3
  10. Kirito
    2012-06-03 18:21
    Kirito x Asuna all the way!

    Cute girls with swords = win

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