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Conversation Between Kirito and Soverence
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  1. Soverence
    2013-11-09 12:39
    Hey man, how have you been? I have been so busy I haven't really had the chance to message you recently
  2. Soverence
    2013-10-05 20:09
    Hey! How have you been? I have heard of it but haven't given it a try yet, ill put it on my list of things to try at least. I don't have a lot of free time now being back in college and all, lots of work and little play.
  3. Kirito
    2013-10-03 17:18
    Hey dude. Just popping by to recommend a currently airing series called "Golden Time". I don't know if it'll be up your alley, but I totally enjoyed the first episode. When you have time watch it and tell me what you think.

    Until then dude, until then.
  4. Soverence
    2013-09-05 18:47
    Thank you man! Naw, I am helping running a event for the gaming society on campus which is more then enough fun to keep me happy
  5. Kirito
    2013-09-05 11:15
    Hey dude, I wanted to say happy birthday to you. If you plan to party I hope you have a great and safe one.
  6. Kirito
    2013-09-03 20:08
    That was a quick response. Usually I expect it a week or so, but this is like a world record. Anyhow that's understandable considering that the school year has started, and things will get busy for you. I wish you best of luck during your junior year. Anyway...


    Sure if it's Oreimo related I will let you know.

    Yeah, I'm quite disappointed with the lack of launch titles we're getting for the dawn of the next gen. Titanfall and Destiny look cool admittingly, but not that big on shooters. Looks like ours current gen will have more use for the time being. I haven't played Tales of Destiny to be honest, but many people like it. I'll emulate it later, but my first Tales game was Tales of Symphonia for the Gamecube. I too look forward to our upcoming jRPGs play session and discussion together when we meet in person.

    I'm not really like that since I play more fighting games and RPGs more than any other title. I just play the game and go back to my fighting games. I have beaten games on the hardest difficulty, since I enjoy a good challenge and will 100% complete them now that fighting games have gone "stale" at the moment.

    I don't know much about DRM's to be honest, but it's more of me looking at the company and how they respond to fan feedback or concerns. It's not as simple as taking or adding features in, if it were the case then MS would be in a good position, right now people still have their doubts, and I don't blame them. They're not worse than EA, but they were leaning on it.

    Before the day of the animecon in Boston, I'm generally have Skype open all the time, so pop a message if you're willing to say "hi" or "yo" whichever you prefer.

    I went to see a Toronto Blue Jays game and really enjoyed it. Watching it live compared to TV is quite the spectacle when you look at it. It's fine, I'll teach you whatever I know about fighters. I'm not the best, but I can hold my own in a match. Yeah, it's an old friend or rather...

    Spoiler for ....:

    I'm like that as well. I help people not because I have to, because I want to. Just knowing you were of use to someone really makes that warm and special feeling of accomplishment. I know my limits when it comes to people asking me for assistance so I can be aware if people are using me at times. You're lucky, my mother and I hate each other (I'm not joking), and my dad is hardly around. My brother annoys me and allows his friends to blow weed smoke in my face, and I just endure it. There's no one normal in my family outside my one uncle and that's pretty much it. I'm lucky I haven't got mad or loopy by now.

    Yeah, well when it comes to characters you have to look outside the box rather than the inside. Kirino is like that, but first appearances are what's often judged rather than looking at things in different angles.

    I know. I know that they'll be able to find more work in the anime industry because Madoka, Oreimo, and slightly Monogatari are what made them have a bit more flair to their creativity. I'm sure you've heard, but I heard that another Madoka project will be in the works after the final movie's airing. I hope it's a Different Story because I love Mami and learning abit more about her made the fan in me happy because the anime couldn't give more depth to her character considering episode 3 "cough cough, hint hint". But for now, it's still in the dark whether it's a new season, prequel, or side story etc.
  7. Soverence
    2013-09-03 19:30
    Yeah, well I am responding back now don't be surprised if when classes actually start if you don't hear from me for a couple of weeks to a month, I expect this to be a very busy year for me being my junior year of college.

    Well if you can think of them I would be more then willing to discuss.

    One thing I have noticed about the upcoming gen, there really isn't that many console exclusive games. Unless the list I read at gamestop was wrong, both Titanfall and Destiny which are suppose to be big exclusives for the consoles are coming out on both consoles anyway its just that it is getting released like two months later on the opposing consoles. It seems most of the good Tales games were on the PS2, and sounds like a good plan to me! , I look forward to it.

    I have a lot of games from the current gen that I still need to finish as well, hell I haven't even finished half of the games I own yet. (Oh yeah, I consider a game complete when I finish it on the hardest difficulty, people seem to have different definitions of when a game is complete so I thought I would make that clear ).

    Yeah I can see that, DRM isn't really that bad of a thing, I mean almost all computer games do that right now but the problem is that consoles aren't meant to be computers and that is what I feel like they were trying to make the xbox one, a gaming computer. Well no one is as bad as EA, even microsoft, EA is the master at doing nothing to make money (hell look at the FIFA games, twice now they have re-released the same game a year later and priced them at full price.)

    Skype would be a good place to talk it all out. Do you happen to have a Facebook by any chance or no?

    I have friends like that about sports as well, although most of them love watching sporting events in person though just not on tv. Okay! I will try my hardest to play against you yet get beat to the ground anyway . I assumed that it was, just teasing you about it . Sorry to hear about the painful memories though, old friend you no longer talk to I am assuming?

    Yeah, I think being helpful is just something all people should do, it really shouldn't make me stand out or be considered nice. There is only a couple of times I have been told I was taken advantage of but even then I really didn't mind, I knew what I was doing and wanted to do it so even if I was being taken advantage of I didn't mind. Thinking about all the different reactions they are kind of programmed in, you just know how you should respond to something so you respond that way. I have always had a pretty strong family relations, my dad's side of the family is a little weak but its mainly because they are so spread out but on my mom's side of the family all the cousins are really close and friendly. My mom and dad are really good to me, my dad is a little distant but he always helps me when need be.

    This seems really short but : your description of Kirino seems pretty reasonable for the most, I wish more people could see it/her that way.

    Also, I forgot to respond to the Madoka part of the conversation, yes I had heard that there was going to be another piece of work after the movies. I am really hoping that it is a animated version of the Other Story manga which tells the backstory of Manami and Kyoko, honestly I liked Other Story better then I liked the original anime.
  8. Kirito
    2013-09-03 15:33
    Didn't expect a message from you so sudden considering you've been all over the place with Oreimo, back to school etc. Anyway...none the less.


    There's not much to say regarding Oreimo, but there are some things that I wish to say, but can't think of anything at the moment. I'll write to you when it comes to me.

    Well the Xbone is having Kingdom Hearts 3 and FFXV coming to the system, which I find weird since Sony's gaming consoles have been a stable for JRPGs. And also the fact that Japan mock the Xbone with a passion, to say the least. Tales of Destiny is a really great game, and worth playing if you have a PS2. If you still want to play Tales series games, when I come up to see you next year, I'll bring my PS3-4 and we'll both play. Plus, I'll share my experiences of JRPG's in person. Sound good?

    I'll get a Steam account after I upgrade my computer because right now it's being used as a storage for my anime BDs. I still have this current gen games to complete and play. I'm 60% done, but I'm confident I can finish them from around the time the PS4 comes out. MS, well, they lost my trust. The reason why they took the DRMs, mandatory connect, 1 hour check in systems because to them it was profitable, fan feedback had nothing to do with it. Nobody won't even buy the system if they hadn't done that. At the end of the time, to me, they did it for themselves just to get money, and not for the fans. Quite the EA mentality they've got there.

    I'm looking forward to this fall anime. Summer is okay, but I have hopes that Fall can make up for its shortcomings. Will update my fall list later.

    Sure, look forward to our discussion on this upcoming con in the months to come. Let's get on Skype when it happens. I like sports, but I just don't like watching them. I've been go at it, but watching seems sort of brain dead to me. Sure I'd like to show off my fighting game skills to you and your friends at an anime convention or whatever, my last anime convention I went to was a couple of years ago, sorry that was an typo. I remember, but the painful memories are related to someone from my past. That's all.

    I'm like that as well. Most people see me as nice, but I don't really believe so. I help people, but I don't really understand my own concept of "kindness". People say I'm easy to take advantage of, but I'm not really sure how I feel about that. I express emotion if it's "necessary" to. If something is funny, I laugh. If something angers me, I get mad. For smiling, it's a tough concept because my cheek muscles are oddly distorted to the point where I make a grin for no reason even if I'm not thinking of anything funny. My relations with my family isn't great, but I do love them regardless if I like it or not. I like speaking to my uncles, more than I do my mother and my father. My relationship with my mother is complicated, to say the least.

    I'll check out the LN section for that info. Been to busy with other series to notice.

    Well I think people miss those subtle changes due to the fact of how she perceived herself. Ie. Sister who's a bitchy obnoxious tsundere etc. There was more to her character as time goes on. Remember, it usually takes awhile for character development to be consistence in any form of medium. To suddenly change it drastically will sort of killed the pacing of the natural flow of the story, and Fushimi-sensei did a good job of not doing that. He kept Kirino's pacing while making her become the person she becomes from the beginning to its end. I like Kirino's character. Tsundere I don't mind, to name a few, and she's very likeable as a character despite the archtype that's accustomed to her personality and traits, and what seems to tick off alot of anime fans.
  9. Soverence
    2013-09-03 07:03
    Well I was planning to finally reply to the big message last night, but the internet in my dorm room isn't working right now so I had to wait till today to find some wifi, anyway here it is!

    I won't really touch upon the ending of Oreimo anymore, I feel like we discussed it enough in our little skype session, unless of course you actually want to keep talking about it then by all means prove me otherwise .

    See, that is the main issue there, I don't have a PS3. I got the new consoles back when they were pretty young and both actually got JRPG localizations, but as we know now xbox has completely left the JRPG market and sony has a monopoly on it. I would love to try the tales games, I have thought about going back and trying out the two popular ones on the PS2 since that is a console I actually have. Well I am trying to be optimistic about the new games I guess, recently I have felt FF games have been very weak so I am hoping this new style will help rekindle the series. JRP's are like playing a anime except with less fan service.

    If you are ever going to start playing computer games, get Steam. The games on there are the cheapest and they always have absurd sales like 80% off games, some of which are pretty new games. I will get a PS4 eventually as well, mainly for the JRPG reason listed above, but I am going to wait awhile, I have enough games to play on the current gen as is and the new benefits from the next gen aren't worth it right away. I am not really mad at MS, they has some different ideas, the whole download/share game idea wasn't bad its just they added a bunch of other stupid policies that mad no sense like the 1 hour check in, etc.

    The fall has a lot of series that could be really good, or could all be really shit so its almost a knuckleball kind of season.

    Yeah, I was planning on talking to you about it more in detail as we get closer to the time since there isn't much I can really play this far ahead. Lol its whatever, you a big fan of any sport or not really? Well we will have to try and change that! They have a game room there so you will have to go and show off your awesome Persona fighting skills . Also i think its contradicting to say you don't remember your last con but it brings back painful memories .

    People say I am a nice guy but I don't really see myself as one, i like to think that I am just a average person who likes to be helpful if I can. I have never really understood what it means to be a "nice" guy anyway, its more just like nice means you are good to have around, which isn't a bad thing but that wording "nice guy" has always bugged me. Yeah, my mom tells me to smile more often, I usually only smile when I am laughing it seems, face must have got stuck this way like my parents always said it would . I kind of think that is how family is, they are the people you probably care for the most yet at the same time they are the people you can stand the least.

    I forget at this time, but I believe their was a LN forum on this site and a couple months ago I thought I saw them talking about the last volume, hell it might already be out by now. I wonder if the HenNeko LN are done as well, I will have to check up on that as well, so behind in my LN knowledge.

    Your view on Kirino seem pretty close to how I see it. I think they allowed her to develop fine, but the problem was that all the development were really subtle and unless you really watched carefully you are probably going to miss most of the subtle ones which help make her changes seem more realistic.
  10. Kirito
    2013-08-28 15:12
    Thanks for the news, Soverence. I just got home from work and it's the best thing I've read all day. I really like their new illustrations (Well all their illustrations are cute and amazing!), and can't wait to see how Colorful will sound like.

    I'm so psyched for the 3rd movie, thanks to this. Going to check the ticket sites new week to see if there are any tickets being sold in advanced. Don't want to miss this.

    Oh yes, I still need to reply to you from the last VM. Give me a day, I hate new work schedule. Makes it so that I can't be on the forum as much.

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