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Conversation Between Kirito and Ruby Princess
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  1. Ruby Princess
    2012-06-14 02:23
    Ruby Princess
    You sound like a very passionate person. I'm sure you were a great boyfriend to those girls and they were just too dumb to appreciate it! Their loss.
  2. Kirito
    2012-06-13 21:05
    Well many girls fell for my charms and became attracted to me, but the relationships never worked out because of "political" differences and the girls back stabbed and acted like they were victims.

    My love is unique. When I love a girl I put 100% of my heart and focus into the relationship and if I'm serious about marrying them I would just goes out and say it. That's just me though.
  3. Ruby Princess
    2012-06-13 20:50
    Ruby Princess
    Nice thinking. Do you have experience with girls falling for your charms and becoming more attached than you would like? Maybe I should say that it goes against my religion to say 'I love you' before marriage, lol.
  4. Kirito
    2012-06-13 20:29
    Like trying to dodge having to say the "L" word back with a clever excuse. I mean it is causing you problems right?
  5. Ruby Princess
    2012-06-13 20:13
    Ruby Princess
    What does it mean to play chicken with someone? >.>

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