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Conversation Between Kirito and Celestia Ludenberg
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  1. Celestia Ludenberg
    2013-02-15 12:34
    Celestia Ludenberg
    I never replied to your VM. Sorry about that, I wasn't ignoring you.

    I played more Neptunia. I'm having fun
  2. Kirito
    2013-02-10 22:49
    I've been playing fighting games for years. It's my number one video game genre. I've been playing Blazblue, Street Fighter, Persona 4 Arena (my current favourite), and Arcana Heart etc. It takes time to get good at them. All you need is dedication and the willingness to learn a fighting game to be good at them. Most people mash when they first play, I was like that at one point. Not I play them to learn and master them. I'm sure you'll get good if you keep practicing.

    Neptunia I was skeptical about it, but people on here told me to look into it and try it for myself, and I loved it. Story and characters are wacky and fun and the girls are cute so that's a plus. Plus, it's ten times better than the Final Fantasy XIII series combined "shudders". Just finish the first game and get it out of the way so at least you can say "I've beaten it". Me too, the English cast was good in my opinion.
  3. Celestia Ludenberg
    2013-02-10 21:46
    Celestia Ludenberg
    heh, I've been getting into fighting games again, been playing Blazblue, Tekken 6 and Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. I'm not very good at them and I end up just mashing buttons disregarding combos because I get frustrated. I still have fun with them regardless. Maybe one day I'll get better at them.

    and I guess I'll get back Neptunia today then, since I've got nothing else to do, I guess. I enjoy the story it's just that from looking at the gameplay of the sequels they look like much better games. It's one of the few JRPG's where I didn't change the VA from English to Japanese.
  4. Kirito
    2013-02-10 21:37
    Interesting. I really need to leave the fighting game circle since I've been too distracted by them to let games like these slip under my radar. I'll definitely look into this and judging by what I've read, it looks to be a real fun game. Like Neptunia, I'll definitely give it a shot, but need to see a bit of gameplay a bit.

    Neptunia is not to lengthy while at the same time not to short. So completing won't be a chore just as long as you avoid side quests and get on with the main story. It's a real creative and fun game you should finish it. Just my opinion.
  5. Celestia Ludenberg
    2013-02-10 21:27
    Celestia Ludenberg
    Trinity Universe is an RPG, I made the comparison to that and Neptunia because they both play alike. Same treasure searching mechanic, same animation for it, same enemies from Neptunia appear in TU the 'map' menu is exactly the same.

    It's still a really good game, and you can get it pretty cheap these days for PS3. I still need to beat Neptunia and that game. Just need to find the motivation.
  6. Kirito
    2013-02-10 21:19
    It's fine. It's not to know that I wasn't bothering you. If I was just accept any of my apologies.

    Neptunia isn't really that hard to play. The mechanics are a little clunky at first but the more you play, the better you'll understand it better. It's a truly fun game totally worth the $60 I've spent on it.

    It didn't seem low budget to me. Maybe it felt like that since it was a game that parodied known and cancelled gaming systems or terminology. Look forward to the anime this summer.

    What's Trinity Universe? Is it an RPG? Sorry for asking, been focusing on fighting games for the past 4 months.
  7. Celestia Ludenberg
    2013-02-10 21:06
    Celestia Ludenberg
    You're alright, lol. It was kinda offtopic anyway I just didn't think about writing it on your wall.

    I have the first Neptunia game, but it's a little hard to play, I got Trinity Universe on the same day and the former has like 60% of its content borrowed from TU. Was Neptunia on a low budget or something?
  8. Kirito
    2013-02-10 21:03
    2013 will be a good year. I'm looking forward to all these games
    I also forgot to add Hyperdimensional Neptunia V to the list. Have the first two games and love them. Sorry for writing on your wall. Just wanted to reply to your comment personally.

    If I'm bothering you. Please accept my apologies.

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