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Conversation Between LynnieS and akiyox
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  1. LynnieS
    2010-05-03 07:21
    Hah hah. Grounded? What the heck did you do to deserve that?

    I've been in China for a month now, and it's... so so. Nice people - generally... - but the air quality leaves a lot to be desired. Going to work means my taking the bus, and girl, you never want to get on a city bus in a major metro area during rush hour. I did that once, and am now going to work a good 1.5 hours early + leaving 1.0 hour late each day.

    As for why we guys do such a thing, well, when you are young, you don't tend to think things through; to be honest, that goes for both guys and girls! For guys, esp. when we are young, emotions get a bit crazy at times, and I'm sure that macho-ness play a part in it also.
  2. akiyox
    2010-04-21 17:03
    OH. MY. GOSH.
    I was groundedddd

    AH- speaking of China, I found a Cantonese teacher/my mom's best friend, so hopefully I'll be able to get down some of the things that I really couldn't learn on my own and from audio tapes. Fyi, learning languages is one of those things that I really love doing, so hopefully it'll be of use in the near future.

    And he's not, don't worry. I... quit the play, so I could hang out with my friends and have some leisure time for once, since I've been so busy with sports (I still am) and school, and already have enough on my hands. We spent like, an hour outside once kicking a waterbottle back and forth after everyone had left, and I SWEAR it was the FIRST time he said GOODBYE to me, and I was like, all happy for the rest of the day. And now we actually... TALK... and stuff. It sucks he doesn't have a phone, and I don't have any classes with him... however, occasionally I'll see him in the hallways and before school (I actually hit my head on the locker today, and he helped me pick up all my stuff... unfortunately, it was probably because he was nearby. xDD) BUT STILL. I'm like, in super happy impenetrable bubble mode, so I apologize. ._.
    Ugh. Hate guys like that. Really, why would you even do that? If anyone did that to one of my friends, I'd beat them up. Not even joking.
  3. LynnieS
    2010-04-05 08:27
    Hah hah. I'm in Shenzhen now, and may be moving to Hong Kong in the near future... or stay in Shenzhen instead. Not really sure as of yet, but I will miss Japan and its hiking trails - even though I keep hurting (and re-hurting) my left knee. I got injured there years ago, and it never healed right.

    There are still some good places in China for hiking and traveling, though, but I'm fairly sure that the better ones (read: fewer people and more nature) are farther away than I actually like. Certainly the sports areas like for skiing and scuba diving are better developed elsewhere at the moment, but I could always hope that they improve... Or move back to Japan or someplace in a year's time.

    ... And no offense, girl, but this guy whom you said "moved last year"? Sounds like he's a player. Make sure that he's not still seeing that other girl first, eh? If you don't mind my butting in, of course. Guys tend to see having multiple girls on their speed dial as a "good thing", and it can take us awhile to get out of that thinking!
  4. akiyox
    2010-04-03 20:57
    Actually, not really. Last year I was third leg. And the 4x400 is the most competitive relay, so all of the girls on my team are pretty much the fastest in the school. Therefore, I'm obliged to do good (even if my diet consists of some crap that's probably equivalent to, what, a pint of sugar per meal? xD) The thing about being first and second is that you have to stay in your lane the entire time around - which bugs me, because I'm used to long distance as well and you can just cut in whenever - and that I would be the first girl to ever come behind in our group for the 4x400... but we're officially undefeated for two years now. I wish I could do things like that, but there's really not much scenery (well, that's not artificial, at least :heh) in this area. :/

    Ahh, one day I'm going to look back and thing... "Wth was I thinking!?", and other times, I'm just going to laugh at my own stupidity. I have the greatest friends in the world, because they actually have the tendency to not look at me strangely, because we're all equally... unique, so to say.
    And... the guy moved here last year, and I JUST discovered he has/had (he's pretty inactive, actually) a facebook... and the second or third cluster of status updates was, "****** is in a relationship".
    I'm seriously hoping that was before he moved, because if not.... I know several guys who like me anyways.
    Oh yeah - and the guy that gave me his phone number? I was more than happy to inform him that I have an inflammatory problem in my left nostril, and gastrointestinal disorder. (No, not really xD)

    It means that you don't just reply with one word answers, and it's fun to hear your insight on things.
  5. LynnieS
    2010-03-31 21:18
    Hey, running the first leg isn't as bad as having to run the last leg, no? A lot of pressure for the last guy, esp. if the lead is very little, if at all. The first leg is just the 2nd worse, IMHO. I liked running the 200m myself, but it has been so long as I did any kind of running that I lost any kind of edge that I had in the past. These days, I like to go mountain hiking instead since that has much better scenery.

    At 14... Girl, your hormones are probably getting way into your way, if I remember my teenage years... which I quite truthfully don't want to. I don't think that you can help yourself for getting a crush... Wait! Why am I arguing your case for you!?

    BTW, though, WTH does the "people like you" phrase supposed to mean, hmm? /me says in a threatening - and joking - voice. ;p
  6. akiyox
    2010-03-27 13:49
    Nahhh,my team beat our record in the 4x400 by fifteen seconds. And I was first leg... dear God. I got my best time in the 2400 too, and just missed getting third in the 400 flat... which, fyi, I absolutely hate. xD

    Too young to have a crush on someone? Nah.
    (Tbh... some girl got pregnant at our school. Dude, seriously, ew. )
    Besides, I like messing with people who give me their number.
    And I don't even have a phone. That's what friends are for. xDD

    Awww, I like talking to people like you though. :/
  7. LynnieS
    2010-03-27 10:32
    District Track, eh? Hope you kicked butt... but since I wouldn't know otherwise, you're welcome to say that you did... when you didn't.

    "Whistles"? Umm, about... Oh, the GF thing? For why the hell would you be nervous? You, girl, are much too young!

    I'll probably not be replying much for awhile so don't worry too much if you don't hear from me. Not that you would, but what the heck, I might as well say it - if only to not to get angry notes from you. (#>*)/
  8. akiyox
    2010-03-26 21:34
    Sorrryyyy for the late reply. I had District Track, and then I had a basketball game right after that, so I'm really tired.

    Oh my goodness, thank you. I was getting a bit worried here. xD

    I don't know anything about cars. I just like shiny stuff...

    ...-whistles- Riiighhtttt, moving on, shall we?

    I can do anything, as long as there's people involved. People are like drugs to my personality, apparently. I haven't really thought about that kind of stuff, nor... should I for a while. .__.
  9. LynnieS
    2010-03-25 10:39
    Hey... I fall on your side of the half century mark, thank you very frickin' much! I haven't gotten to the point where I'm looking for my red convertible and a "just-out-of-high school" girl friend yet either!

    Although that first one is becoming more and more tempting these days... But no, I'm going to get a Nissan Skyline when I get my license.

    The young GF is not as tempting. I'm not Hefner the Second!

    My first job was for a Chinese restaurant that a friend of my dad owned... We were pretty poor, but he still made friends from his work. Education is nice, I have to say, but... My parents were college grads and still ended up working at Chinese restaurants to make ends meet. I respect them very much for bringing up the family that way, but never want to get that way myself. I want to be able to spend time with my kids!
  10. akiyox
    2010-03-25 06:57
    Yes - actually, on my mom's side, before she divorced. (He also has two younger siblings from his dad's marriage after. ) And I believe he lives with his girlfriend now; he's 21, (and they've been dating since they were thirteen...) so I hardly know him, like, at all.

    Oh my gosh dude, they're everywhere around here. And they do, actually - they're the only place that hires people our age that we're currently aware of. And, nope - pretty much, neither of my parents went to college, and can barely afford the freakin' house, so I doubt that they'd be owning a business sometime soon. No, I do not feel sympathy.

    Wait - half century mark? Where exactly do you fall again? I can't imagine myself on these kinds of forums at fifty. xD
    But of course... its only... natural for me to freak out.

    Yes. Yes I did. xD

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