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Conversation Between Ray and delorean2200
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  1. delorean2200
    2014-01-01 05:19
    Hi, Happy New Year ^^.
  2. delorean2200
    2012-12-25 16:48
    Thank you ^^, i wish you a Merry Christmasas well, hope your having fun XD.
  3. Ray
    2012-12-25 09:50
    Merry Christmas~
  4. delorean2200
    2012-08-28 01:56
    Well good luck with it .
  5. Ray
    2012-08-26 12:20
    Okay, thank you very much! I'll let you know how it goes after I'm finished reformating my lappy.
  6. delorean2200
  7. Ray
    2012-08-25 21:10
    Ah.. I run 1920 x 1280 so I certainly see how that'd be a problem.. Hm. I need to format my laptop before I install anything, and I plan on doing exactly that some time next week. Yeah, please do. I know my way around PS, but I have 0 rainmeter knowledge. D:
  8. delorean2200
    2012-08-25 20:56
    Well the problem doesn't lie in sharing as much as in the fact that everything is configured especially for my resolution (1280x1024), layout and use. If you want, i don't mind and i can try to send you the resources used, but without some PS and rainmeter knowledge i don't think it could be usable....
  9. Ray
    2012-08-24 13:03
    Yo, is there any chance you'd be willing to share that awesome Muv Luv theme/desktop that you're running? It's really nice.
  10. Ray
    2012-08-10 11:16
    Thank you, and no problem. Yeah, that she did. It's very hard to stay true to such an art style, though. Haha, fair enough.

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