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Conversation Between NeoSam and Kunagisa
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  1. NeoSam
    2012-09-22 05:04
    Wow really nice eye design, I love how the pupils are like, umm... "stars" or maybe sun rays, really nice I also love yandere characters (and tsundere ones too), I think I'll check out "Rinkan no Madoushi" when free time pops up (so it might take a while since I don't have much of it >_<).

    Thanks it's also good to return and see you guys , but no, don't start lurking yet >_< LOL, I'm not 100% back yet, I'm still pretty busy with the development, I need to finish some key features before I can fully return to the forum, the day I restart working on the "New Announced Anime" thread is the day that I have fully returned (which I'm planning to do ).
  2. Kunagisa
    2012-09-21 21:38
    Maa to avoid even MORE off topic in that thread, I'll post here!

    Originally Posted by NeoSam View Post
    I didn't read any of his/her light novel works, but I love Fuu's illustrations:
    Eeeeee, we should fix that!

    Rinkan no Madoushi is pretty excellent for a fantasy type novel, and helps a lot if you like yandere heroine, and just ended too! There's also that Nisio super long novel too, but well it's Nisio.

    The eyes are so mesmerizing~ (click to enlarge etc.) This is one of those that actually made me feel truly like a(n) イラストに騙された名無しさん before getting into it but gets quite awesome near the end of the vol 1 and on (I love yanderes, which carry major bonus points for me, story is not particularly remarkable in terms of unpredictability or creativity in the beginning so ... your mileage may vary).

    Seeing you active again is quite welcome sight because you were always the one making new threads for lightnovels in the upcoming series section. I only started making them in the beginning because you were gone for a while. I can go back to lurking more now haha.

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