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Conversation Between jasonator and Ec1ge
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  1. Ec1ge
    2012-11-03 18:06
    There's a summary of that last light novel on the Shakugan No Shana Novel thread.


    Nah. Once I finished watching the last Season's epi, I just sadly stopped with Shakugan.

    Although I plan to rewatch ALL the epi's again sometime in the future lol
  2. jasonator
    2012-10-24 11:15
    you probably have seen it,but

    dunno if it is true or not,but let's just hope they'll do it ;D

    you watching anything lately?
  3. Ec1ge
    2012-10-21 15:35
    I know what you mean
    But in other slightly related topics, what's up?

    I'm sad that Shakugan is over and although there're new novels of it coming out, it doesn't make up for the fact that I live in the US and no one in the US can get it. ;____;
  4. jasonator
    2012-10-11 10:53
    ikr?! XD
    don't really chat with anyone these days,except some shana fans,ya nostalgic stuff XD but really missed those days lik chatting,discussing new eps,praising shana's beauty and such
  5. Ec1ge
    2012-10-10 16:25
    I didn't get a notification at all so it's kinda like a WHAT?!
    Someone actually posted on mah wall? YAY!

  6. jasonator
    2012-09-23 12:26
    fine thanks lol XD
  7. Ec1ge
    2012-09-20 16:20
    Woah late to reply xD
    Sup? lol
  8. jasonator
    2012-09-12 13:27
    yo fellow shana fan ;D

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