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Conversation Between Auxilism and Triple_R
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  1. Auxilism
    2014-12-24 21:50
    Merry Christmas to you too.
    Nice pun, I didn't know the word 'Yuletide' existed.
  2. Triple_R
    2014-12-24 20:55
    Merry Christmas and Happy Yuritide.
  3. Auxilism
    2014-12-20 23:04
    Originally Posted by Triple_R
    I hope you can slide with it at least. Especially in a fanfic as comedic-based as Santa Magica is.
    Sure, Mami's introduction of Tatsuya Dark already told me not to take this seriously and expect ridiculous occurrences.
  4. Triple_R
    2014-12-20 20:43
    Tatsuya used a normal old-fashioned hand gun because he didn't want to attract the attention of any of the protagonist magic users that might have noticed and tried to stop a nastier weapon (and given how powerful some of the protagonist magic users are, they may well have stopped it).

    Gary Stu or not, a handgun is still just a handgun.

    Maybe not a perfect response to your criticism, but I hope you can slide with it at least. Especially in a fanfic as comedic-based as Santa Magica is.
  5. Auxilism
    2014-12-20 20:35
    The fact that I saved it means I haven't accepted total defeat, I guess?

    As I said in my first post in response to the fic, it got my interest when you wanted to use Animesuki members in it. Of course, that would not be enough for me to continously read every chapter so I should be enjoying it as a whole, I just can't pinpoint why. My biggest complaint would be that Tatsuya Dark (the king of gary stus) actually failed to kill his target, a highschool girl that was protected by another highschool girl.
    1. He would take aim and fire faster than any of them would be able to react.
    2. He can alter the trajectory of his shot, piercing right through the brain resulting in an instant death.
    3. He can cause his shot to explode in mid-air, obliterating both of them on the spot and leaving nothing behind.

    These are based on the fact that he is Jesus, I don't actually know his powers.
  6. Triple_R
    2014-12-20 19:04
    Actually, I thought about that potential plot hole myself when I was driving to work this morning. Also, I could admittedly have had some fun with the sort of language issue you referred to, but the overall plot I had conceived of was already so complicated and with enough comedy scenes that I decided not to bother with it.

    As for the potential plot hole - perhaps Nanoha's Raising Heart is handling translation in much the same way as Sailor Faerie did? That's just an idea for now. I might run it by someone with greater familiarity with Raising Heart's capabilities. If that doesn't work, your own orbs idea might be worth going with.

    So hey - not pointless! Good points, in fact. So try to stay away from that nihilistic defeatism.

    However, I would also like to know if you're enjoying the Santa Magica fanfic overall.
  7. Auxilism
    2014-12-20 18:52
    This was what I saved when I decided not to post but considered the possibility of adding on to it.
    This is a minor point but when you went into the specifics of how Faerie's translation staff (?) worked I was expecting it to be knocked far away and then shenanigans would ensue due to the AS members (English) not getting what the anime characters (Japanese) were saying and vice versa. Thus, I wonder how you (Triple_R) know what anyone is saying at the North Pole without Faerie's automatic translation. Does becoming Tuxedo R give you knowledge of the Japanese language? Faerie could have this 'surprise' power and just generate translation orb(s) to give to the group which have the same effect as her staff.

    I guess Kirito already speaks Japanese since he went to ClariS' concert and Konakaga and Hooves sing Japanese so they know it and they have been talking to him before the fighting happened.
    So when I looked at it all over again I concluded that there was no real point in it... I find that I'm approaching nihilism about everything other than yuri. :|
  8. Triple_R
    2014-12-20 07:49
    Hey, I noticed you replying to my fanfic. I was curious to know what you were about to post.
  9. Auxilism
    2013-12-31 21:44
    It sounds like the 'deaths' in Madoka are not treated as real deaths and so they cannot be compared to Valvrave. I concede.

    However, I can see why Valvrave made more deaths happen, they had a lot more characters than Madoka so if the percentage of deaths were low, they would feel cheap anyway.
    Spoiler for Statement considering number of deaths:
  10. Triple_R
    2013-12-31 17:38
    Each of the deaths in Madoka Magica served important narrative purposes, so much so that very key plot points would have to be reworked without them.

    Spoiler for Example, major spoiler:

    Another thing with Madoka Magica is that the time-loop and wish plot devices means that nothing is necessarily permanent, including a character death. So the door is always open for exploring characters further, and in a believable easily acceptable way given what Madoka Magica's universe has already set-up.

    For example, nobody really objects to Sayaka being "back" in Movie 3. So in spite of what happened to her in the TV series, you can still explore her character further in spinoffs and sequels.

    Spoiler for Valvrave comparison:

    I hope that answers your VM questions.

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