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Conversation Between Siphine and mystogan
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  1. mystogan
    2012-10-27 14:15
    oh, it will the will just keep getting bigger and bigger
  2. Siphine
    2012-10-27 13:15
    oh my god so many on my list XD
  3. mystogan
    2012-10-27 12:24
    oh i'll suggest you watch it right away, it's too good, it's comedy and there is also love in it, certainly one of the best romances i have seen
  4. Siphine
    2012-10-27 11:57
    Yeah but not ah my goddess i can't decide if i want to watch it or not
  5. mystogan
    2012-10-27 02:30
    ya , i have heard that line before,
    so anyway i guess by now you might have seen most of the supernatural romance like
    rosario x vampire, ah! my goddess, ....etc etc etc
  6. Siphine
    2012-10-27 01:07
    I know, I know they aren't bad but they aren't exactly my cup of tea either
  7. mystogan
    2012-10-26 13:58
    obviously it won't be like that with every shounen romance, but shoujo type ain't that bad either
  8. Siphine
    2012-10-26 08:23
    Not every shonen romance is childish, only the ones that romance isn't really the focus point
  9. mystogan
    2012-10-26 00:58
    relating yourself to the MC well it does happen, but the good thing about shoujo is that it is a realistic than the MC guy type anime, you will hardly find any guy with 3 or 4 girls on him, but you will definatley find a girl with two guys after her,
    and if you have seen enough shoujo you find that the relation and romance in shoujo is more teen like or mature than the relation and romance between shounen romance which is bit childish
  10. Siphine
    2012-10-26 00:36
    Ok will do. anyways idk i just feel i can relate to the MC if its a guy because i'm a guy (torn between two girls i can relate) but switch the roles and I just can't exactly feel for it. so it would be awesome if the MC turned into a vampire (and i already kinda figured thats whats gonna happen) but still i can't relate to shojos because i'm not a girl so yeah.....

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