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Conversation Between Heibi and Mystique
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  1. Mystique
    2008-12-22 09:56
    Ah, wonder if Access was looking for support in that sense. Don't think many people would want to work with translators like that but may just put up with it eitherway.
    (again short of being desperate to hold onto one for the sake of a series)
    But fair enough, catch you around the forums then.
  2. Heibi
    2008-12-22 08:15
    I was responding to an earlier post. They said the translator threatened to leave if the script was altered. Sorry, can't work with someone like that.
  3. Mystique
    2008-12-22 01:44
    Because I sense being slapped with an admin 'off topic-auto-delete' clause, i gotta ask here.

    There is no such thing as perfect. If a translator said that his/her script was perfect, go through it and show him/her the error of their ways. If they refuse to believe they made mistakes, they probably should be let go. Wave goodbye to the "perfect" being. Watch them beg to come back in a few months once they realize the mistake they made.

    - With the constant demand of translators that are requested within the Asuki classifieds, isn't it still more or less a feast for a translator to pick and choose whatever group they feel like joining in the chance that their attitude would be endured regardless?
    Slight news to me to hear that there are peeps out there who think their scripts are beyond editing, but while translators may not command the power that they used to have let's say 4-5 years back, they still got fairly good leverage to pull strings to suit them if they wished, I'd think.
    I don't think many would beg or even care...

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