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Conversation Between NarutoAnimeLoverRyan and sebo3e
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  1. NarutoAnimeLoverRyan
    2013-08-12 22:26
    Hello sebo! I loved the recent Naruto chapter and anime! Naruto is always getting better!!!!
  2. sebo3e
    2013-08-11 21:22
    dont call me sebo3e just call me sebo sigh and that s nice <<
    what did you think of recent naruto chapter and anime?
  3. NarutoAnimeLoverRyan
    2013-08-11 20:53
    Hi sebo3e.....I am alright...did lots of anime stuff....watched toonami anime!!!!!Oh man was good!
  4. sebo3e
    2013-08-11 08:39
    Hi How are are you?
  5. sebo3e
    2013-08-02 16:13
    sigh i watched negima and readed negima << i know naruto i keep up
  6. NarutoAnimeLoverRyan
    2013-08-02 00:37
    Alright...sorry sebo3e...forgive me..Well today I had fun reading! I read some of Naruto books,Negima. sebo3e...have you ever watched or read Negima or Love Hina? I heard they were good,I just was wondering.
  7. sebo3e
    2013-08-01 05:53
    stop using bus with y word you cause me blood pressure be nice how you talk and carefully how you word things when you chat with me
  8. sebo3e
    2013-07-31 05:12
    That s nice to hear so did you read naruto chapteR?
  9. NarutoAnimeLoverRyan
    2013-07-30 21:38
    I am great!
  10. sebo3e
    2013-07-30 08:40
    Um hello how are you

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