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Conversation Between lone_wolf and Mr.Raw
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  1. Mr.Raw
    2009-10-31 05:53
    WOAH...You're a very interesting person...(not because you said that sex is a way to release stress, of course XD) I wanna know more about seems that you're unpredictable...I like that

    I try to stay away from geeky activities that typical anime fans seem to enjoy LOL.
    I totally agree with ya ..
  2. lone_wolf
    2009-10-31 01:35
    Yes, I do...I don't see the concern over this though since shooting/hunting is also a sport. A woman in her mid-thirties needs to release stress in more ways than one, right? Well, there's always sex of course but I can't be doing that 24/7 lol....although riding my motorcycle is also a nice way to relieve stress aside from shooting and sex ^_-.
    I try to stay away from geeky activities that typical anime fans seem to enjoy LOL.
  3. Mr.Raw
    2009-10-30 03:40
    Uhm...I did read read it ..I used a wrong word (disturbing)...what I meant was confusing do gun shooting
  4. lone_wolf
    2009-10-29 23:35
    I'm a woman. Perhaps if you took the time to read the "About me" section you wouldn't fall into this odd confused state of my gender.

    And if you are disturbed by my avatar, there's no reason to keep observing, correct?
    --Lone Wolf
  5. Mr.Raw
    2009-10-29 17:34
    Hmmm...Your avie is CONSFUSING...I can't figure out if you are male or female

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