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Conversation Between Tokkan and Pathis87
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  1. Pathis87
    2008-09-08 13:27
    Ok , finally watched the Kallen x lelouch scène and i must say people tend to over exagerate that it is the end for the pairring. Ok sure he didn't respond when she kissed him but again it was all an act ... referring to the last line he said to her . The worst thing that will happen is that he prepairs to die and he doesn't want to drag her with him , i am quiet sure tough that they will meet again in the finale and the he might express his true feelings when evrything is finished . It's not really the time for romance right now with pendragon Nuked . After Schneizer is defeated we'll see what happens then ... . Some people believe Kallen is going after him when she talked to gino ( as seen in the preview ) because she's wearing casual clothing ... .
  2. Pathis87
    2008-09-01 03:10
    Some things i noticed from the preview of ep 22:
    Bismark his geas eye isn't sewn anymore when he fights in Galahad .
    You can see that the weird cult guys are all geassed just before their masks cover their eyes , so i think they are troops of Lelouch and not Schneizer.
    We also see a glimpse of the Lancelot Albion ( with suzaku piloting) going against the Galahad , so the strongest KmF Suzaku has to face like the Newtype spoilers say is indeed the Galahad !.

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