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Conversation Between Tokkan and FoxxFireArt
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  1. Tokkan
    2008-09-26 01:53
    Kang told me this himself.
  2. FoxxFireArt
    2008-09-26 01:41
    I heard the same thing about Var, but he was banned and didn't come back.
  3. Tokkan
    2008-09-26 01:33
    Kang's ban is only for 3 days, he'll be back Monday.
  4. FoxxFireArt
    2008-09-07 23:27
    Wow, I was WAY off.
  5. Tokkan
    2008-09-07 21:47
    "Soshite sore wa, Suzaku to Kallen-tachi ga kadatteirukoto ni mo tsunagatteirundarouna"
  6. FoxxFireArt
    2008-09-07 21:20
    Thanks for posting that translation to that extended preview. It's much appreciated.
    I was curious about something. I tried to write down what was said, but my knowledge of Japanese is very basic.
    I thought I heard him say in that line about Suzaku and Kallen:
    "shute sodewa Suzaku to Kallen tachi kode wate tsunde gateru, na"
    Could you please tell me if I was even close on any of this?
  7. Tokkan
    2008-09-02 03:58
    Sent you the pm.
  8. FoxxFireArt
    2008-09-02 03:13
    Okay, man you can't tease like that. If this is what I think it is I may have an idea of why you aren't posting the cast list so suddenly. It makes me think that a name appears on that list that no one suspected to see.
    Could you at least send me a private message with the cast list, Please?

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