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Conversation Between MakubeX2 and calorie
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  1. calorie
    2011-09-01 14:19
    Your avatar gets more risqué every day
  2. MakubeX2
    2011-08-27 00:42
    I was under the impression that you are referring how those artists could turn certain stuffs around on their heads quite unexpectabliy. Like making monsters into cute creatures.

    So hence I just cite an example of their...."creativity." But that's what seperate them from us, I guess.

    But some of these rabid fan-artist does have talents if you took a look around.
  3. calorie
    2011-08-26 14:29
    Oh, you meant that...weren't those called doujinshi? I was under the impression that doujin=indie, so when you said you'd seen all that is needed from doujin material, I thought you were referring to quality (non-H) artwork (so I was like - how could he have possibly seen "too much" of that? ). Also, in case we misunderstood each other - when I said "those guys are nuts", that applied to their aptness in creating incredibly detailed fancy art, not pervertedness. I just ignore that didn't really think I'd spend hours browsing loli doujinshi art or something?
  4. MakubeX2
    2011-08-26 07:44
    You mean you had never took a look at those Japanese fan made comics which place the characters in very compromising and sexual suitations before ?
  5. calorie
    2011-08-25 23:41
    It may be the weaboo in me talking but I reckon pixiv has more upper tier material than dA. Don't really remember seeing that much stuff that made me wow on the latter (and I hadn't always known about pixiv). Plus it has a cuter interface. More cumbersome, but fun.

    What do you mean? You've spent a lot of time browsing pixiv or were you referring to some artbooks or such?
  6. MakubeX2
    2011-08-25 17:33
    Well, if you like military sci-fi mixed with elements of fantasy and sine over the top stunts where the finality most likely ends with everyone dying or dead. 40K is your stuff. The franchise could not have existed for 20+ years without a huge fanbase.

    Pixiv is just the Japanese version of deviantart. Crazy and rabid fans will always come up with insane stuffs, I've seen all that is needed from Doujins materials for years now.
  7. calorie
    2011-08-25 17:15
    Well uhm, I've heard about WH40K

    Ahh, coulda figured that was pixiv material...those guys are nuts, I'm right in the middle of 3+ hour browsing session - it's like everywhere you look, there's a fan art equivalent of Mona Lisa.
  8. MakubeX2
    2011-08-25 17:08
    Know about the Warhammer 40K lore ? Those are the 4 Chaos Gods of Decay, Mutation, Lust and Blood.

    Originally unseen and unimaginable horrors at best, but given an extremly cute makeover here by some artist at Pixiv.
  9. calorie
    2011-08-25 16:44
    I can see you're swamped with comments about your signature but I just have to ask - what is that? What is it supposed to mean? Who are the characters? Did you draw it yourself?

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