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Conversation Between Vallen Chaos Valiant and Gordy Lechance
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  1. Gordy Lechance
    2009-06-11 05:21
    Gordy Lechance
    sorry, posted to more appropriat area.
  2. Gordy Lechance
    2009-06-05 10:32
    Gordy Lechance
    Wait a darned second...

    Lelouch Lives?

    Sure, the nice Ladies and Gentlemen at Sunrise have announced that they are gonna make a new saga set on the now-peaceful (for now) Alternate-Earth back in December 2008...

    ....but didn't the director himself say that The 99th Emperor kicked the bucket for real?

    So in all likelyhood it will be a different Evil-Eyed hero, right?

    Hey, as long as there's the occasional cameo by her Adorable-Cuteness Emperess Nunnally-chan, I'm fine either way.
  3. Vallen Chaos Valiant
    2009-01-23 19:53
    Vallen Chaos Valiant
    Thanks for the compliments!
  4. Gordy Lechance
    2009-01-23 11:11
    Gordy Lechance
    Hi Vallen!! Looked through a few of your posts on Code Geass. Very intelligently written stuff!!

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