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Conversation Between Ronin Aquila and Mystique
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  1. Mystique
    2009-01-04 00:53
    Not so much celebrate as merely observe it.
    I'm past the age of recieving money in red envelopes sadly, so i just learn the chinese phrase for it and wish chinese people back home 'happy new year' come febuary.
    Last year was a massive year long celebration in london cause of the olympics (beijing-> london), so couldn't escape it really
    But my avvy was edited by a japanese FMA fangirl, so i couldn't resist and added the text to it for new years
  2. Ronin Aquila
    2009-01-03 12:37
    Ronin Aquila
    Aww, what a cute cow-cosplayer picture you got there!!

    Ah, you celebrate Chinese New Year too? Here's to an awesome year of the OX!!
  3. Mystique
    2008-12-26 03:42
    I know where I slightly got my wires crossed.
    Another term for 'militant' is 'radical feminism' (as i know it), the bra-burning kind that are downright hostile.
    That being the case, it then becomes an topic of identifying the different kinds of feminism, attitudes and beliefs in various societies, a topic that perhaps needs another thread or is better left to the lecture rooms.

    There's still some grey areas I have concerning the daughter/grandfather issue that you mentioned, but unless it's an actual law in your country.
    (which it isn't right? It's more a self belief than a rule right?)
    Correct me if I'm wrong tho, but I was just thinking if it really is more of a belief that she uses to abuse everyone, there are ways around that.
    I hope some kinda of good resolution eventually occurs, something that'll ease the pain/hatred that you seem to carry.

    Saying that, all the best for 2009, here's hoping good fortune comes your way.
  4. Ronin Aquila
    2008-12-26 02:26
    Ronin Aquila
    Dear Mistique.

    1) I was targeting the militant feminism that allows the striking of helpless old men, notthe Heroic Feminism (which I respect) that fought for the woman's-vote and maternal-health-benefits, against workplace-inequality and hunts rapists (animals which I would gladly slay if I get my hands on one)

    2) I hold onto my previous statement: You are a kind, decent and noble human being, and I REALLY wish more feminists are actually like you.

    Sincerely Ronin Aquila
  5. Mystique
    2008-12-26 01:13
    Damn, and I was in the middle of writing another essay due to thingle and Xaong's 1-1 posts that left me with a sneaking suspcion that it was gonna call mod/admin attention.

    Finished it, posted it and then see the message "This thread has been closed."
    There goes 1hr of my life I won't get back xD

    Ah well, win some, lose some, but I guess for your personal issue, you got some general feedback.

    There are far worse and far more degrading fates than to be raped. To be under the foot of a daughter that sneers daily knowing that she will never even be yelled at, much less righteously struck because she is the favourite grandchild of ageriatric tyrant of a grandmoter whose heart her father dosen't want to break is FAR worse and a thousand-fold worse than being raped.

    - I'll forward you my reponse I was about to post before the thread got closed, you'll need about 5-10mins to read it, but for some reason, i cannot place rape in a lesser category as the emotional disintergration your grandfather is suffering, for rape carries the safe fate there. There's still a social stigma attached to it and the emotional damage that is inflicted onto a woman for a mere 5-10 mins event is eternal.

    I know it's sadly an issue close to your heart, but you can't pin it down to feminism. That gives the daughter a weapon to use against your family, but it doesn't stop anyone standing up to her if they were to go against 'what they believe/taught'.
    She is cruel, she needs to be stood up to.

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