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Conversation Between Ronin Aquila and FoxxFireArt
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  1. FoxxFireArt
    2008-12-16 17:20
    It wasn't really intentional. I like Konata, but Page isn't really based on her. I had considered changing Page's hair to black, but I really like Page with blue hair. Even if I did change her hair to black people would probably say she looks like Shana.
  2. Ronin Aquila
    2008-12-16 11:44
    Ronin Aquila
    Dear FoxxFireArt

    The blue haired girl in your latest work looks a LOT like Konata from Lucky Star

    Is this intentional?
  3. Ronin Aquila
    2008-11-23 10:32
    Ronin Aquila
    Dear Mr FoxxFireArt

    Quick Art Request.

    Yes the ending of Code Geass R2 was emotionally devastating, wasn't it. Left me tired and dazed for two days.

    However, only if you want to and won't feel too bitter about it (and have time, of course), could you do the following heartwarming "fantasy what-if" picture?

    Nunna-chan leaping out of wheelchair, crying tears of joy (eyes optional) and hugging Lelouch.

    I'm sorry, she's just so cute but receives so little attention.... lousy big-breasted attention grabbers hogging love from Nunna-chan. Yes I'm a HUGE Nunna-chan fan who at times get looked at with the "get that bloody loli-pedo-fin" eyes by other Code Geass fans.

    Ahem. Thanks Mate, from Australia down under.
  4. Ronin Aquila
    2008-08-18 23:05
    Ronin Aquila
    I'm fast becoming a HUGE fan of your Code Geass Comedies.

    You are a leged, sir/madame/miss!!

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