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Conversation Between SeedFreedom and SirWence
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  1. SirWence
    2009-02-23 00:18
    my title will stay as it is for quite awhile heh. At least Anew died Loved and Loving and knowing she was understood and accepted for who she was.. with a smile on her face and seeing his smile.

    Though I am growing tired of people saying Setsuna had no problems killing her, when it is clearly obvious he did not want to. I mean he was making that face of misery before lyle even says anything to him.
  2. SeedFreedom
    2009-02-23 00:08
    Me too. Poor Anew :'(
  3. SirWence
    2009-02-23 00:07
    I have never wanted Ribbons dead more then I do now, and I have since Season 1
  4. SirWence
    2009-02-18 10:35
    ah yea it was, for that one I was big on the continuous play without a delay before restart (thought it made it look better *shrug*)
  5. SeedFreedom
    2009-02-18 10:20
    ah, didnt know the no delay was on purpose.
  6. SirWence
    2009-02-18 09:55
    ya I think , though I could be mistaken.. I mean we are going back 3 years lol. But it was made slower to make it a constant loop meaning now delay at the end before the restart in the animation, but I could be mistaken in my recollection. . But I appreciate the effort as i now have two choices ^^
  7. SeedFreedom
    2009-02-18 08:12
    Hey, sorry couldn't do much. Could only change the delay a little.
  8. SirWence
    2009-02-17 10:55
    Thanks man , much appreciated.
  9. SeedFreedom
    2009-02-17 10:52
    Sure, i'll take a look at it tonight when i have time.
  10. SirWence
    2009-02-17 10:50
    I have no skill to do so :/ Want to help me ? lol

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