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Conversation Between mit7059 and miroku2192
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  1. miroku2192
    2010-05-04 18:50
    Thanks for the suggestion!
  2. mit7059
    2010-04-18 13:36
    Sorry just noticed your message. As for your last two options Kings Court isn't bad, down near hill lots of freshman bigger rooms than hill plus its own dining hall. Other than that maybe Hill if you want to live with a lot of freshman or Gregory has okay rooms as well.
  3. miroku2192
    2010-04-01 20:09
    Hey mit, it doesn't seem like I can apply for harrison. I can put harnwell down, but that's it for the high rises. I've got riepe fisher and ware down, as well as harnwell, but i'm a bit stuck as to what i should choose my last 2 options.
  4. mit7059
    2010-02-19 19:09
    congrats on getting into Penn. Make sure that you don't live in Hill, go for the quad or Harrison. Feel free to contact me with any more questions or when you get to campus.
  5. miroku2192
    2009-12-15 16:01
    Hey man, lost contact with you at one point (sorry about that haha)...I want to thank you for writing up that great post of yours (about penn admissions)...

    The other thing I would like to bring up is that...I got into Wharton!! yay . Again, thanks for answering my questions wayyy back, I appreciate it !
  6. mit7059
    2009-06-11 08:57
    sure no problem, shoot me an email at
  7. miroku2192
    2009-06-10 22:29
    Hey, i just finished my junior year, and had some questions about (upenn - I really REALLY want to go to Upenn, with Wharton as my top choice) Upenn...would you mind taking some time answering them?

    And you row too? I'm somewhat interested in rowing, though i'm not that good. My 5k average split was a 1:51 and my 2k was only a i need to work on that.

  8. miroku2192
    2009-03-12 10:38
    you go to UPENN :O????

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