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Conversation Between npal and justinstrife
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  1. npal
    2013-04-01 13:34
    Nah, I only visit 2 fora now, and I hardly talk in either :P One being this one :P Plus, I may not look it, but I'm too old for retarded jokes. Then again, I was born too old for retarded jokes apparently :P Hope you had a nice day in general.
  2. justinstrife
    2013-04-01 11:45
    Happy April Fool's. Hope you don't have to wade through too many forums of jokes and such.
  3. npal
    2013-01-17 13:15
    LOL, same here :P Wouldn't mind sacrificing some of the infinite amount of anime in that pile for a gf though :P
  4. justinstrife
    2012-12-31 22:19
    I have no girlfriend, and an ever increasing pile of anime I can't get around to.
  5. npal
    2012-12-30 15:33
    I should probably get a girlfriend :P You can easily fill up time :P Truth be told though, more or less free time doesn't do anything. It's like anime, I have so many to watch and they just keep piling up because I just sit and do nothing :P
  6. justinstrife
    2012-12-30 14:55
    Hmmm you need to get more hobbies then or something. I am constantly struggling with a lack of free time anymore, and am wondering where the heck time goes. I shudder to think about how hectic my life will be, if I ever get married and have children.
  7. npal
    2012-12-29 17:42
    True, but most of the time, we just got more bored than usual :P
  8. justinstrife
    2012-12-29 15:39
    Vaguely. Just to check up on discussion with new anime that comes out or is currently airing. Come on, you know at our age, free time isn't as free as it was when we were younger.
  9. npal
    2012-12-28 14:54
    You're still around? :P

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