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Conversation Between npal and Seishi
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  1. npal
    2009-10-13 15:29
    I don't actually want to watch anything for mahjong And Saki actually getting me slightly interested in it is a pretty good achievement. I doubt I'd be interested in it watching some ugly guys, as far away from moe as possible, play it

    I liked many of the side chars. I don't actually remember a char that I was totally uninterested in so for me, Saki did the job really well.
  2. Seishi
    2009-10-13 15:27
    Well this conversation is getting rather lengthy. I suggest taking it to MSN or the live chatting program of your choice. My contact details should be on my profile, lol
  3. Seishi
    2009-10-13 15:25
    Saki just had a lot of characters who filled particular roles well, and a select few who were special. Among the secondary cast, I found Yumi (the only backstory I actually cared about plus being my favourite mahjong player of the cast), Touka (the most entertaining character), and Momoko (for being a troll in the Touka/Nodoka faceoff) particularly good. Mihoko and Kana would fall somewhere behind this.

    If by undertones you mean overtones, then yeah, some weren't bad, but it felt strenuous at times. I agree on Yuuki...I always supported her with Kyou-chan.

    Saki doesn't teach you anything about actual mahjong (besides possibly Yuuki's random expositions), which makes watching it "for the mahjong" kind of detrimental. Watching Akagi would probably be better for that.
  4. npal
    2009-10-13 15:17
    Well I don't know, I saw some character development and I really like how most of the cast actually had a background and felt important even if it was Saki's team that was basically the protagonists. It's hard to make the secondary cast come alive and many anime cannot pull that, even more so with so big a cast like Saki.

    The yuri undertones are ok for the most part. After all, there's always Yuuki and her taco servant for the straight part, so it was refreshing to see a loli lookalike actually be all out instead of the usual "tsundere loli" lulz. Pity the guy likes Nodoka, but it SHOULD change, since they feel right together for some reason. Plus Nodoka has Saki so it's a pretty much sealed deal there

    Didn't really care about mahjong. If anything, I found it interesting the way it was presented and it actually made me think it's not that bad.
  5. Seishi
    2009-10-13 15:09
    Well, I think Haruhi's story is irrelevant since it's just great pulp entertainment to me, which is why I haven't bothered with the novels yet. Kyoto Animation is pretty lulz, especially recently. I haven't really known any "hardcore Haruhi fans" (more like appreciators), but I have known haters.

    Oh man, Saki is something else. I have way too many issues with it, one being a lack of character development (especially among its lead characters) and a portrayal of mahjong that was too over the top for even me to appreciate sometimes. Despite all this, it worked really well for the most part. I don't really care as much about the forced yuri themes as a decent amount of people I chat with do.

    Saki is also unique for me in that it's one of the few series I "got into" before the anime was aired/announced. I don't really read much manga.
  6. npal
    2009-10-13 15:01
    The animation was good, it fit the show. I mean, people praised Haruhi once, basically for the animation really, since Kyoani hardly picks any decent story to animate (Kanon, Haruhi, lulz) or animate well (Clannad AS, last 2 eps fail). Now only the hardcore fans keep it up, the rest finally woke up. The bad side is that there are far too many hardcore Haruhi fans but whatever.

    I kinda marathoned Saki one or two weeks ago I didn't really care about mahjong when Saki was released so I thought it'll be crap. But since it seemed popular I decided to watch it, since I had doubts THAT many people were sitting through it for mahjong. That and the nopan rumor
  7. Seishi
    2009-10-13 14:56
    Fall 2008, which had a few great shows. I only really post on the Saimoe threads here, so I tend to change my avatar just once or twice per year. I just thought the dai~san~gen moment was cute.

    I saw Sketchbook afterwards, and I can see what you mean. The full cast is given a decent light, rather than just a select group of girls. Sketchbook is more Iyashi-ke (healing) type of show whereas Hyakko feels like a comedy. I remember people complaining about the intentionally sloppy animation in Hyakko but I found the style fit quite well.
  8. npal
    2009-10-13 14:52
    Meh, yours is newer, I don't even remember when Hyakko aired but I think I have this avatar for some time. I generally refrain from changing avatars too much, I can stay with some for 1 or 2 years. Hyakko felts like Sketchbook full colors, only livelier.
  9. Seishi
    2009-10-13 14:41
    The problem is I'm banned in all the locations I can use, which are here and my grandparents place out of town. I voted in most of 2007 and 2008 but our IP block here changed over earlier this year, so...

    I loved Hyakko. For some reason it resonated really well with me. I need to change my avatar too, lol...
  10. npal
    2009-10-13 14:39
    Well, voting isn't hard if you know what to do, unless your IP is banned, although it takes 1-2 hours to get a code.

    Oh that? I want to switch it for a Senjougahara avie, but nothing around here fits my taste and I don't want to order something. I love Torako but her time is up.

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