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Conversation Between npal and Haak
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  1. npal
    2009-10-22 11:38
    O_o /facepalm
  2. Haak
    2009-10-22 11:20
    I could understand that to degree, but I got neg repped for this post, just now, and the reason given was simply "Conditioner"....
  3. npal
    2009-10-22 11:15
    Oh that, lol Oh I got negrepped one-two weeks ago I think for saying Kanon sucks I mean they tried but new members can't negrep. I also got negrepped once for saying Haruhi sucks for a number of reasons in a Haruhi thread. No wait... many of us got negreppred there for the same reason.
  4. npal
    2009-10-22 11:12

    I was pretty sure they'd negrep me instead >_> Either someone's taking their time with me or he has already negrepped me once before and can't regrep me again. Ah well, no worries, I'll fix your rep a bit.
  5. Haak
    2009-10-22 11:10
    Originally Posted by npal View Post
    PS And hello to all negrep trolls out there
    Did you get a reason? Because I just got neg rep for a post in the "The Sacred Blacksmith" thread I made like 3 weeks ago. Strange.

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