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Conversation Between Cyz and Marina
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  1. Cyz
    2011-02-28 19:17
    I was going to but I love Charlotte so you can use it.
  2. Marina
    2011-02-28 18:28
    Woops, haha, yes, I meant mikoo >.< My bad
  3. Cyz
    2011-02-28 18:16
    Raizoo? You mean mikoo?
  4. Marina
    2011-02-28 16:21
    Hey Cyz, I saw you claimed the Kyouko ava raizoo made, and I was wondering if you were planning on using it on this forum?
  5. Marina
    2010-06-27 18:45
    Thank you Cyz-senpai!
  6. Cyz
    2009-01-01 12:17
    Haha, thanx a lot. I thought it look cool so...I HAD TO KNOW!!!
  7. Marina
    2009-01-01 05:38
    I'm super smart!!!
    J/k, I actually had to ask ichigo-sora how it was done as well. I'll pm you the info
  8. Cyz
    2009-01-01 03:56
    I have a question. How did you do that text thing on your sig? You know, they were all on the sides?
  9. Cyz
    2008-12-28 19:32
    You have something from my thread. Pls. check
  10. Cyz
    2008-12-25 00:35
    Ah thank you. When I see Botan, it reminds me of I mean she's cute and all .

    --> Merry Christmas!!!

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